Color me excited!

So, no Maggy last night BUT! We (as in AC) had our first foray into Serpent Shrine Cavern, and let me tell you, I'm teh UBAH excited!

Our goal was to start the learning pains of the Luker Below fight.

This is a fun fight. ZOMG.

From what I heard from some of our old fart 40 man raiders, it's reminiscent of the Ragnaros fight, but I wouldn't have a clue about that. During the first part of the fight, you get to just beat up the Big Fish while the Melee fighters get all whirled around and all the range laugh maniacally with Kings on because they can't technically aggro the Lurker.

That is until they get a geyser up in their face. But then! You have to jump below the water line and take a few seconds of Scalding hot water damage as the Fish spews forth a jet of water that does retarded amounts of damage if you get caught.

That's just the first part. The second part is when he submerges, and then adds come out and try to stop us from killing the Fish. They are easily squishable, but watch out for the Guardians, for they will one shot anything not Plate. After a minute, the Fish comes back, Spouts the raid, and then we resume the killing.

No, we didn't get to kill him our first time in, simply because we had to take most of the time getting the timing right on killing adds and jumping under water... our best shot was our last attempt, but unfortunately, once trash respawns, the water goes from Scalding hot to FISH OF DEATH. We wiped due to mass Parana overload. Still though, we spanked the trash in there, and I'm VERY excited to start doing SSC in our raid roster.

Now, you might be wondering, "Wait, didn't she just say they were starting Void Reaver/Maggy?" Yes, we did take a few jaunts into those place, but so far, SSC has been the most fun, and it's very, very doable for us at this point. So, Sundays, ZA shumshing, bring on the SSC!

And I'd have more to say, but I'm at work XD


Ah well, there's always next year.

As the title says, me thinks NaNo and NaBlo have slipped my grasp this year. Blarg.


I'm finding that my posting was going to crap, so time to do a little revamp. I'm way behind in updating some of my links, so many new bloggers I want to link to (<3Ratshag) as well as some people who've moved (*grumble* twice now... *grumble*)

I've got a hankerin' to do post about Gruuls. We've gotten the Lair down pat now, to the point where we're killing him sooner and soon. Much fun. And don't make me use the dreaded... word. I dislike it, because it makes me feel like it's become a chore, er something.

Zul'Aman has been a really fun experience. I went in there with a big head thinking, hell, we could probably get to Zul'jin the first night... and then had a pleasent azzkicking from one side of the bear boss to another. He whooped us good. But that's fine. So far, we've gotten Bear, Eagle and Lynx down and still having issues with the Dragonhawk, but we got really close this past Sunday.

With the holiday this past week (and I hope everyone had a great Turkey day, I know I did ^.^) we didn't get any 25 mans done, but we filled it with Kara pugs and ZA learning pains. All is good.

Well, except for one thing. Maybe a few, but here's the thing I'm going to talk about.

My survivability right now blows.

Totally, completely blows.


I'm dying a lot in ZA. My HP are low. Unbuffed, I was at 6.7K. Other clothies were kicking my butt, even the Shadow PeW PeW priesty. WTF. So, after some gear comparisons, I've decided that while my PMC set has served me well, it's time to start bidding on Tier gear. I've been avoiding it for so long because others could use it more than I could. But I'm starting to see that while the PMC/Whitemend set is fan-fucking-tastic for Kara, it's lack of base stats (and TOTAL lack of stamina on the PMC) is killing me, literally.

Going to hop over to Kirk's to see what he has to say about it (unless he responds here, in which case <3) but other wise, last night I got my tier 4 shoulders. I got a belt with some stamina (Cord of Sanctification)...


Time to get in your laugh at teh Squeaker. So I log in to DE some things for a guildie. Not a problem for me really, I'm always willing to help and I had done it before for them. Well, you see, they sent me a bunch of Runecloth belts and some Netherweave boots to DE. Not a problem, right? It's funny (not) but did you know that the icon for the Runecloth belt and the Cord of Sanctification ARE THE SAME DAMN THING?!

Yea. I looked up, saw I had a VOID CRYSTAL... and panic ensued.
I just DE'd my purple belt from HEROIC DURNHOLD. SHOOT ME NOW. >.<

But I was lucky to get an awesome GameMaster to help me out. He restored it. Destroyed the Void on the spot to show him that I really, truly, just wanted my belt back. Disaster averted. Lesson learned. I will pay closer attention to what I'm DEing...

Anywho, tangent aside, I was able to raise my HP a few 100. Still not pleased, but I guess I'll live. The biggest upgrade in stamina would be my Chest, but that means killing Maggy. He's scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm excited and a bit worried. One of our most awesome of guildies had her subscription run out, and she's spot out of luck on getting it back for a least a month or two, and she was one of our warlocks. So we're low ballin' Maggy again. We will have Teh Awesome that is TJ, so hilarity will ensure, I'm sure.

By the way, I don't think I mentioned it, but DPSing in Gruul's was SO MUCH FUN.

PLEASE DON'T NERF MEH! I'm having fun pwning face with holy justice! :P

Oh, and another thing. Thanks Ego for answering my question on Roleplaying. I feels all special that I got a post from the Ego. /cheer

Ok, time to refresh blog face...


That thing...

TJ's favorite song is stuck in my head.

And I have no access to music to unstick it.


In other news, Sasha MT'd up to Aran in Kara last night. We could have gotten him, but the group make up was rough for that fight: 2 mages, 1 lock, 0 rogues/warriors, so we had no interrupts save for Counter Spell.

This is not very priesty, more druidy... but I have a curse, I really do. If there's something out there that I can get crafted/enchanted, but I could possibly get an upgrade from a Kara run, if I get the crafted/enchanted item that day, I get the upgrade in Kara.

Case in point. When Cay first started Kara, I was holding out on getting my Hallowed Handwraps enchanted with 35+ healing because they weren't purple, and well, that enchant's expensive! But it was our first run, and I wanted to max out and and all +healing I could, so I did.

What do you know? The freakin' Gloves of Saintly Blessing dropped. Oy.

Last night I had Fio's hunter make me the Necklace of the deep for my ferlol tanky, and after gemming it up with 2 shifting Nightseyes... the freaking Barbed Choker of Discipline dropped. /headdesk

Don't get me wrong... I'm ecstatic to finally get a Kara tanky piece for my druid... but I'm cursed XD

Oh and yea, been to Kara with Sasha 3 times, each time she's gotten a healy drop... except for last night. /huzzah

I passed on the DPS leather since we had some main toons rolling with us and helping them get DPS gear for the 25 mans = happy healerzors.

Ok, taken up enough time... and I'll be editing this later to like... put in links 'n stuff.

Yes... I like the dots...

More dots...
More dots...

Alright, sotp dots XD


Do it, please

What the hell was I thinking?

This new job sucks.

Not because I have this adverse thing to work or anything, I don't really.

But there's no organization. There's no cooperation. The manager is a total territorial bitch. The job itself, while easy, is boring, but I can deal with that. The people suck. And the company training programs? HOW DO THESE PLACES STAY IN BUSINESS?! SERIOUSLY! /huff

It's so bad I can't even think WoW thoughts at work, because I'm in fear for my life anytime I step into the back rooms. Surprise ninjas or a mouse might knock over the 300 lbs of clothing onto my head, crushing me without so much a peep.

I'm not sure I'm going to survive. I'm looking again. I'm going to chalk up my decision to seriously fill out an application at a department store during holiday season as a temporary act of insanity.

And I got distracted mid post... I'm a freakin' genius.

Playing Moon for now...

That's it for today... I think... yup... distracted again.


OK, you're right it's later..

What have I been doing?

Other than rockin' out with my Giddglet and her new Rolfcopter?

700 spell damage.

In my healing gear.

They're going to freakin' nerf it. I know it.

But I'm enjoying every bloomin' minute while I can!

I can actually damage things in less than a minute! I dueled our Raid leader of awesome before we tried out ZA, AND WON! (Ok, yea, he's prot, but he's in plate, usually just giggled while I tickle him for three to six hundred dmg a spell).

They're going to nerf it, wait and see.

I haven't been able to play too much with the new fear ward mechanics, so that will have to wait. As for the Chastise spell... well, the stun on it is laughable. It never lasts. It's a 2 second stun, and you have to stand still to cast it. Pally's get Hammer of Justice, instant cast can be done on the run. Chastise so far hasn't stunned my opponent long enough for me to move out of melee. And the dmg it does it meh. I dunno, I might go into a battleground or arena to really test it out. I've got a bunch of badges, I can gets me some PvP gear that way.

Zul'Aman: Brutal. Freakin' Brutal. But I'm so glad to be doing something new with the gang. The trash leading up to Nalorakk was easy, the adds he throws at you can get a bit hairy, especially that last group with the guys mounted on bears. They do this scream that increases the dmg people take by 25%. The tanks had to separate a bit or else they'd get both screams (yea, it stacks) and then get munched.

Nalorakk hits like Nightbane. We'll need at least 3 healers for him, we went in with two. I'm looking forward to pwning his face on Sunday.


On Monday, AC did something so incredibly awesome, I was speechless (ok, for all of five seconds). We one shot Gruul's Lair. High King Maulgar (3 mins 59 seconds). Gruul (6 mins someodd seconds.) Dead, dead. So we mosie'd on over to Maggys. We were going to be going there any way on Wednesday, but we figured, hell, it's 930. Let's try it! So we did. The trash pulls took some getting used too. And we only had 3 warlocks with us. On our first try, we going 3 of the adds down, then had to call it a night. But not bad for our very first try ^.^

Wednesday rolls around, we got our tanks, got our heals... but again, short on locks. We've got 4 raiding locks and 1 couldn't make it, so we were going in at a pretty harsh handicap (at least according to all the strats out there.) But we were going to try it anyway (we be stubborn SoBs.)

83% was our best short. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out cube clickers. People would die early too, things like that. One thing it did make me think was whether or not I should try Circle of Healing. I'm the only raiding priest at the moment with Divine Spirit buff, and that's more of a benefit to the raid. We had two shammy's with us healing them. Need moar locks. T.T

But, we're planning on going back this Monday, after Gruuls (barring we have the time). Sunday is another shot at Zul'Aman, and I'm looking forward to that ^.^

That's it for now, more later, since I'm hoping (though it's probably not likely) to get some baby priesty love tonight. I want to check out the new quest hub in Dustwallow and she needs her elephant!


I may have fallen... wait, shiny....

Shiny patch 2.3 today. More later.


Time to face it

I didn't make it T.T


Cop out? I think not!

Yea, I have tons of word count to catch up on. But instead of being able to type up the thoughts I had today, we're going to try something semi different.


I want whoever's bored to come up with a caption to this picture.

Weiner gets to choose the next thing I write about. I'll give everyone until Nov 15th. I'll post my reply to their topic on the 18th.

Sound fun? Good. ^.^ Your captions can just be replies here. Post your "WRITE ABOUT THIS NOWS!" with it iffn' you want.

(SHHH! This is NOT because I can't think of anything to write.... really.... ok, I'm lying... /wrists)

Here's your pic!


Hi, my name is LATE

And I live in.... insanity.

This post started at 11:30pm. I'm probably not going to make much sense or substance. Why? I PuG'd Kara on my tank. Then had to go in an emergency heal on Cay.

Oh, and the past 24 hours have been spent getting said tank her Flamewrought Key. So now she can do Heroic Auch, Coilfang and Hellfire Pen.

As bad as it sounds... it wasn't half bad. Did three runs of Shattered Hals last night and three today to get my 9.2K rep needed. Got Sasha her wastewalker gloves.

So there's a mini update. Can't type much more... brain turning to mush.

/falls unconscious


What is the Squeakie Listening too?

After looking at TJ's post about music... I must confess. My Pandora looks nothing like hers.

In fact, doesn't look much like Doom's either (he hasn't posted yet /huff)

Nor does it look much like Fio's. Though, we do have some similar tastes.

During Raid, I usually don't have any music playing, especially if it's brand new content. That's usually because I'm too busy concentrating on raid, and everything that's going on.

But after raid, what does teh Squeakie need to calm her jets or just relax with?

A few things:

Dead Can Dance

Those figure high up on my list of stuff to listen to when I feel like just... chillin'. Though I do admit, I'm not too happy with some of the new Tool, and Perfect Circle, while nifty, does fit nicely, since it's a much calmer Tool.

Oh, wondering about that Gladiator pic? Lisa Gerard, one of the lead singers in Dead Can Dance, did a lot of the vocals for that movie's soundtrack. I didn't know about DCD until I met Fio, but OMG. Just.... awesome music.

Now, the Pandora thing. I used to use Launchcast for all my music wants, but the commercials were annoying (when I worked for Hell, I paid, so I had something to listen to as I lost brain cells) and it has been a bit of a chore to keep updated. My music tastes change a lot, or at least what I feel like listening to. That and I would run out of skips... which is just... foul. It's still a nice place to go and listen to all the funny stuff (my comedian channel is still rockin') and it was nice to see them get tons more music (obscure things like Type O Negative and Voltaire) but Pandora is rocking my socks.

I guess it has some sort of thing with this Music Genome Project of theirs, but you basically add a band, and they'll play it, and then they'll start playing things similar to it. Not just in like "category" but by sound, instruments, vocals, length of song, pace, etc. It's really nifty. I'm still experimenting with it.

What do I listen too during instances, heroic or otherwise? Iffn' in a hyper mood...

Mindless Self Indulgence (thanks to Eska ;P)
J-Pop (varity of stuff)
They Might Be Giants
Jethro Tull
No Doubt
Voltaire (You HAVE to hear his Star Trek Spoofs... to die for)

... crude... just really, way to much stuff to list, but that's the jist.

My music choice is definitely out there... but there are few if any "new" bands I like. It takes a bit of time for me to hop onto the wagon (though admittedly, I like Panic at the Disco/The Killers and just LOVE Evanescence when I feel like being all emo).

(Tangent warning: This is just... really nifty. Bravo XD)

Right, where was I? Oh, music. But yea. Most of the time I'm WoWing... not much for music. Unless I'm doing to the level grind. Then I kinda need it to keep myself sane.

Oh and I do leave the ingame music on, cause, well, I like it. Though it's turned down so I can hear MY music when I want to XD

So there joo have it.


Oh hello world

OMG. Sleepy.

I got home from work, intending to type up today's post, fiddled on WoW for a bit, had some more mashed potatoe/pot pie (OMG HEAVEN) and then I remember... nothing.

I don't even remember Fio coming home. This is me when I'm really sleepy. A nuke could detonate in Boston and I'd not wake up until Fio tossed me out of bed er something.

Anwho, since I passed out, I don't remember what exactly I was going to post. T.T But it's ok, I can fudge it.

Besides, TJ has made some fun suggestions for the Jackels (NaBloPoMo ftw)...

Distracted... shiny... gah. Train of thought. Lost.

I will say it's good to see Teh Diet Coke of Evil again. She's back and putting Kitty in his place! /dance

Hehe. Ummm... shoooooooot, I wanted to type something relevent to game, but this is ending up being a bunch of garble!

No Kara for the Cay-ster tonight. The lowbie raiders are in with Fio, hopefully getting some phat loots so they can join us in Gruuls and beyond.

ZA is confirmed for the 13th? Oh joygasm. I's looking forward to something new. Not a whole lot it looks like for loot in there for us clothie healy types, and I'll write about that soon too. (I know, I'm a little late into looking at the gear offered there, but gear is second, more like third to why I raid).

Mew. Going to stop now. Wake me up when its over, K?


What's this?

No patch today? T.T

Ah well, I will survive. In the mean time, since I have no inspiring prompt for today, you'll get a bit of random.

Leveling cooking sucks. Leveling fishing sucks even more. Rakzha's cooking was stuck at 106 for the loooooongest time, because I had moved on from things that had dropped stuff like Murloc fins, Crispy Spider Legs and other such randomness. And it was impossible to find these things on the AH. Just absurd. I had been doing just fine getting her first aid leveled, but that's mostly because I was in such a rush to 300 tailoring, so anything left over went to the first aide fund. But still. Four stacks of turtle meat (which, btw, they've SO upped the spawn rate on that!) and I couldn't cook any of it, cause my cooking was too low.


But I got it today. Took my Giddglet out to Wetlands, had me a Murloc Genocide, then the server restarted, and whadya know, I log back in and all the murlocs are back! 4 stacks of fins later, I got to 125, could cook the 80 pieces of tangy clam meat sitting in my bank, and I'm now going to get some Giant Eggs so she can finish up that 225 quest and level her cooking all normal again ^.^


Oh, and for those of you who are wondering if there's like, the smart way to level cooking, Doom posted this for people to use on our guild forums.

And now, time to salivate over the chicken pot pie on mashed potatoes that is currently cooking in my oven.

Mmmmm, potatoes.


Ack, I almost forgot, I kinda said something about fishing sucking even more.

It does.

It really, really does.

I don't ever want to try and level it again. But I have this sneaky suspicion someone is going to get me drunk enough trick me into doing it on Rakzha. Who knows.


Baby Priest

So Operation Face Smelter is well under way. Rakzha is now 38, on the verge of hitting 40something and getting a special elephant of her own.

I'm going to experiment in something (and also mini rant about it too). In the next few levels, I can start wearing the Shadoweave gear (trainer for Alliance people/ trainer for Horde people). Now look. I know, this gear is more for 'Locks than it is for shadow priests. I'll be taking a hit on Intel, but I can make that up with enchants. I know that the Dreamweave stuff (you can wear the chest and gloves at 40) are more than likely better than their shadoweave counterparts. You don't need to point it out to me again and again. I get it. The Shadoweave is green, Dreamweave is blue. I GET THAT IT'S BETTER. /huff

But I don't care. Why? Because I want to test out the set. Numbers may not back these things up, but sometimes you just have to go with what feels right. Plus, I'm not PvPing, I'm leveling in a PvE environment. If I can dish out more shadowy hurt that's less time I'm spending on a mob, more time to kill more, more xp, you can see where I'm heading with this yes?

As of right now, my shadow spacegoat has been a breeze to level. Since level 10, she's had spirit tap. Let me tell you, the lessened downtime is awesome. I only carry a stack of water with me because of it. Also, from level 5 to level 26, the wands of choice I used we're the enchanting ones. They have really the best DPS out there until you hit 30, then the quest wands start looking ok.

I'm still fighting with myself on something though. I'm pushing to get to 40 so that I can get shadow form (cheer). But I've been wondering if I should stave it off until 45 to get the 5/5 in Wand Specialization in the Disc. tree, because wands are such an integral part of my DPS while leveling. Me thinks a tiny respec at 40 to see the dmg output. If I'm doing ok with the shadow form DPS, it stays and wand specialization can commence, but if the wand specialization is doing more, or just feels faster/better for whatever reason, might put the shadow form of DOOM on hold until 45.

Can I also say, being able to Silence again = bliss? Ahhh, I missed that on Cay. "Stupid caster is about to heal itself, Scream is down... Nooooooooo!" *mob at full health* /death.


So yea, another thing. As awesome as it is soloing, GET A FRIEND FOR STRANGLETHORN VALE.

I hate that place, but since Doom and I started tackling the quests there together, my rabid loathing has toned down to just hating it. I'm not sure if the FP at the Rebel camp will make me like it any more. But suffice to say, if the Blizzard servers some how "forgot" that map, no love lost here.

So today and tomorrow's word count is severely lacking, I'm probably a day or two behind in word count. It's ok, I can make it up! ^.^ As more baby shadowing goes on, I'll keep people updated. As it stands, need to go back to SM for the quests and to get Whitmane's hat. Because it's good to have a back up ^.^



Ok, so again, I tried getting back onto WoW topic and post my Opera healing thing, but again, the cosmos are preventing me from posting it. After I got home from work, I was working on it again...

Alas... haven't finished it.

This will get done eventually!

I think.

Now, for something WoWish, and not terribly post thick:

I'm bored. Bored with Kara. We've been running it for months now. All our core raiders have maybe one or two things they could get from the place, but would rather get the upgrade from Gruul's/new stuff we're doing. (and hey Zul Aman maybe this Tuesday? Who knows.)

I have a question for those of you WoW types who read and haven't gotten terribly bored with my OT posts: What did you do when your guild got bored with something? Or you got bored? I mean, I haven't run an instance in like a month because... I got sick of them. Karazhan is just... a chore now. Is this what being a raider is like?

Meh, emo posting.


(Yes, today, first day at my new job, stunk. Because we had to Hurry, even though we had no idea what we were rushing to do. Very inefficient use of time. /grumble)


Word count: coming soon.


OK, so sue me

So today's post is probably going to be very un-WoW related. Meh. I feels like talking about something else. It's Doom's fault really. So blame it all on that roguish bastard.

This is going to be my obligatory anime/cartoon geek out post. For those of you looking for something priestly, just go here for today and get a kick out of all the pally's QQing in priest forums kthxbai.

The picture I've linked to refers to something any and all anime fans should go watch. I snarfed my soda at the DBZ skit. Please, GO WATCH IT NOWZ.

Now, I'm not going to regal you with tales of superior anime and other elitist crap like that because, quite frankly, I'm not all that hardcore about it. I watch anime, but subbed and dubbed. Before you turn your flame on, take note that I will not hesitate to call you names for being a closed minded purist for thinking that Subbed is the only way to go, I'm a lazy American, blah blah blah.

I watch both because I actually care about what I hear. Yea, there are many, many animes I'll watch the subbed version and never even dream of going dubbed (Love Hina for prime example - subbed is awesome, the dubbed makes me want to something awful that would probably gag a maggot.) However, Hellsing has one of the most awesome dubs I've ever heard. British accents, the sexy pleasebitemenow aural orgasm just wafting out of my speakers from the voice actor of Alucard... /flutter. Sir Integra's manly woman voice. I love it. I've heard the sub, I like the dub more.

Then there's anime like Trigun. I love both. Vash's voice is awesome, Milly and Meryl I could do without. The subbed sounds right too (though I haven't heard it in a while.) I do have a sneaky suspicion the American voice actor for Vash is the same for Ichigo in Bleach. I could be wrong, I don't really research these things. Bleach, also another that I could listen to either, though it'd be nice if the continuity between subs and dubs was better. It's a Soul Reaver or a Death God, pick one damn it!

Regardless, if this isn't enough for you to cry ZOMG YOU FAIL, here's the next thing all you hardcores are going to scoff at: I don't care for manga. Hate is too strong a word for it, but I have a tough time reading any and all forms of comic books unless I force myself too. And don't get into the mincing of words ("ZOMG she called a manga a comic book!" /foam at mouth) they're graphic novels at the library, just stop being so damn PC, call it what it is. Comic book/manga, same freakin' thing in two different languages. Also, I read tons of books.

I find that my whole tone so far has been pretty defensive. Hrm. Well, usually it's because after trying to talk about this subject many times, if you don't treat it like the "hardcore" fans do, you're a noob, or whatever hip Japanese word they call it. Anywho, back to manga and why I don't read it.

Two reasons really. One, if I'm reading a book, I want to read it. Not digest pictures with the words, my imagination is very handy at developing what I'm supposed to be "seeing" thank you very much. I wasn't much of a picture books kid.

Secondly, the habit that anime/manga makers have of creating a manga that's "awesome" then coming out with an anime that's pretty much the summary of said manga, then saying, "Oh, btw, you want to finish this really cool story and get some details we left out? Go buy the manga." So they want you to sink money in both the literature and the vid. Screw that. One or the other damn it. Yea, yea, I know, the cost to making an anime far surpasses the cost of printing paper, but still, I don't read manga, for once finish the fucking story in the damn anime please?!

What's the one exception that's been able to make it past my apathy for comic books? The Sandman Chronicles. The story is just... incredible. I'm a big Changeling: The Dreaming fan and having read some of the Sandman... makes me wish I could get a group together to play some fae. Just... it drips awesomeness. I can't describe it any better than that because its just... so nifty!
(This is an aside, just because... well, because.)
Guys... it's there. It was there when you woke up this morning, it'll be with you all day, and even at night when you go to sleep. What is it with guys and their willies!? Let me explain: I'm at work, I work at a library, the boss is a guy, in his 50s, a hyper OCD man who is an excellent librarian, a work-a-holic, a bit crazy, and has this tendency to just... scratch himself when talking to you! I Don't Get It. He's an awesome boss, but... gah! It's not just him! Other guys I work with do this! You could be talking about something, putting a book away or scanning something and down goes the hand for a quick flick and then back to whatever is being done, totally forgotten.

Maybe, no wait, it's probably because I'm a woman that 1) I notice and b) it bugs me. But... gah! I don't get it. If my tits itch you don't see me just mid convo start scratching. If it's really that bad I'll go to the bathroom or make sure I'm in the stacks alone and itch to my hearts content. But mid conversation? And it's not like the boss guy does the quick flick. SOME TIMES HE'LL KEEP HIS HAND THERE FOR LIKE 10 SECONDS! Not in a cupping type... thing... it's just... there!

I don't get it. Ok, prude senses off, back to anime...

Also, and maybe this does or doesn't count, who knows, but while I can't get into Manga or other conventional comic books in general... I can read web comics till the day I'm pushing up daisies.
CAD, VGcats, LFGroup, Dark Legacy Comics, and to a lesser extent Penny Arcade - you name it, I've probably read it once, and liked it. The ones I listed I read regularly (aka when I remember to check on them) but maybe I like them because 1) they're funny, b) they deal with topics I know readily and III) they've got good art (though Dark Legacy is meh, it's still wicked funny). I'll admit I'm a bit of an art snob, though I wouldn't be able to tell you what kinda art is what. And I fully admit most of my art sucks donkey turds (yes, I have a thing for Gargoyles, more coming on that in a second).

Where was I going with this? I know I had a point... ah well, it'll come to me later.

Suffice to say that's my view on the whole anime thing. Now. For a bit of fun.


Disney came out with this cartoon in 1994 and it was THE THING I watched after school. If I missed an episode, I was generally in a bad mood until I got my Goliath fix. This show has had such a weird impact on my life. The story arch is just so fun to follow, this woman created a bunch of fan fiction after the show that I pretty much think of as the "lost" episodes of the series. It's just... so cool. I found the fan fiction and the fandom my first year in college and have been hooked on it ever since.

What's funny is I still can't read Shakespeare. I mean the show is one gigantic Shakespeare orgy! But I just... can't get into his stuff. Maybe it's the way it's written, and I'm just some sort of lazy person, but anything written before the 20th century, (and even some of that shit) I just can't enjoy reading it.

After finding all of the nifty sources and sites related to other crazy gargoyle fans such as myself, in 2006 I finally got to go to the Convention. Yea, I was able to convention geek out. It was both cool and a let down, but more because I expected too much maybe? The Gathering of the Gargoyles has gone on for ... 12 years now? I missed the heyday. But ah well, I still got a chance to make a total noob out of myself and got second place for it XD
For the convention, I even wrote a story for the anthology contest. It got in. /cheer
I'll post it sometime, I think it's past the date where I can post my work. Think they said I needed to wait at least a year or something... but it's at home. So linkage coming soon. And you can laugh at my attempt at fiction MUWHAHAHAHAA!


Ok, so this Off WoW Topic has gone on long enough. I'm probably going to get a swift kick in the shin for using so much time to come up with it.

Oh! FYI, I will be counting my responses to posts that I make towards my word count. Because I did write them! So nyaaaaaaah :P

And I'm still searching for a word counter to put up. Hey, at least I'm consistent in putting something off. I'll probably get a word counter on Nov 30th XD

Official Word count: 4284


Gear Change!

Ok, not really a fail. But! The Awesomeness that is TJ has given me something else to do. I'm still going to try to make this NaNo-ish in length, but this NaBloPoMo... makes me sad because I thought I was being all original and schtuff!

Ah well. I should have know better.

Btw, if some things come out... weird, it's because my fingers are committing mini acts of seppuku as I type. Raking the leaves has made them... rebellious.

Want to see something uber cool?

I know you do.

That was AC in Tempest Keep: The Eye last night. SQUEEEEE! Yea, we went there. We got totally owned by trash, but we got at least two stabs at Void Reaver before we had to call it a night.

Oh, a pretty VR shot:

Yea. It was oodles of fun. IT WAS SO HARD TO HEAL! I mean, I had to concentrate again, it wasn't a snoozefest. My heart was racing for most of it. And it's made me realize I need to get my ass in gear and buy Cay an epic flier. Because many times, people would die, release, fly back into the instance in time to help kill some more. Those Astromancers suck btw. Suck hard. Instant cast AoE fire balls for like 3-4K. Owie. We had 7 healers in there, and our pallies and myself found us running out of mana at the end of each pull. It was really hard to try and conserve mana.

But for it being our first time in there. I think we did awesome. I just wish the server would have stopped being retarded and not had so many DC's. We had some hickups with that. Had to switch out some DPS because we were running late, other things we're probably going to address soon.

Still. It was AWESOME. I couldn't get over how cool the place looked, how fun it was. When we get to go there for real, after we've done Maggy and some SSC, I'm going to have a lot of fun taking out A'lar. He's. So. Fucking. PRETTY!

One of these times I'll wrangle my brain into posting how it feels healing High King and Gruul, but that's another time. Still just in a slight afterglow with TK. Oh, and something else that's funny. We got 4 purple drops while in there XD 2 tanking rings and our fire mage Fulgor (who is now Carlos, teh man of Love) got a nifty purple belt. Oh the last purple was a Nether Vortex, but only the arms warrior Black smith could really use it. But still! Not only did we get some valuable experience, some people got some lewts.

Tonight is Karazhan, and it's the last "scheduled" one we're doing. The next time we do Kara its for the undergeared guildies. It will have some of us old timers in it either on alts or just listening in to give advice, but many of our core group has moved on from Kara. It'll be a rough transition, and we're still trying to figure exactly what we're going to do now that holiday season is here. People have family stuff to do, will be on holiday vacations, doing family things, etc. So it's going to be an interesting 2 months.

Oh and I start my new part time job on Sunday. Wewt! And Suck. Wewt monies! Suck starts at 7am T.T There may be work related foibles incoming.

And damn it, Doom's got me thinking about all those cartoons.... /shakes fist. Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Some thoughts on raiding: I've mentioned it before, I'll probably mention it again, but I've never really raided until BC. I'm finding it to be... really, really fun. And it's definitely hard work. ... I had more thoughts, but a ninja in my brain just stole them all. Little fucker.

Ah well. I think the leaves are catching up with me. I did a little bit of yard work to get some good In-law Karma. Here's hoping my fingers didn't commit their acts in vain. How am I still typing you think? THE POWER OF MY MIND. Er something like it.

Getting back to the beginning mention of the NaBlo vs. NaNo, I'm still going to go for word count! But I will be blogging daily anyway to get that word count.... so I accomplish BOTH! PHEAR MY SQUEAKIE INSANITY!


Which means I still have a really big post to go, so here goes nothing. (No, seriously, you're probably better off not reading past this point, because it will be just that. Nothing.)


"Guys, my head is stuck."

This picture has a story. You see, Blizzard, in it's infinite wisdom pain in the assness decided a long time ago to put in a reset cap to instances. Not sure when they did it, but for the Headless Horseman fight this past Hallow's Eve, it was annoying to say the least.

You see, when we reached our hourly quota on SM resets, we'd get bored, restless, and there was nothing really relevant to take out our frustrations on. That is, until we remembered where we were.

The citizenship of the small town called Brill is comprised of a few notable NPCs. They have a blacksmith, apprentices, a town hall, an inn, an orphan matron, a stable, some alchemists/herbalists, and a few guards.

Well, at least they did. In come the bored Alliance players who have 25 mins until they can go into an instance. Much smooshing of lowbies was done. Sometimes, we even got a few lvl 70s to come defend their poor small town. It made the time go by. Afterwards, we even helped put out the fires the evil HHM lit on their inn, but the guards didn't find it very redeeming and shoo'd us away from the little township with their sheer numbers.

Ok, so that story didn't have much of a point. The picture was from when we cleared out the town hall, had a mid range hunter come inside, look at us enjoying a quick bite to eat, and then said hunter turning around and exiting the building post haste.

It was funny.

It was.

Oh go smoke some pole.


As you're probably figuring out, I love LoLCats. Luff, luff, luff. And I will find any and every excuse to use them as much as plausible in my blogging. They make good pictures ^.^

I knew it. I got distracted by shinies. Blarg! Ok, no more randomness for today. I'll just have to make it up in the future. This has me wondering if on the 30th I'm going to have the epic post of BLARG RANT ZOMG NOOB WHY DID I THINK I COULD DO THIS! /wrists

It's a good thing I can't predict teh future.

Oh and I need to find a word count updater thingie.

But for now its 2682!


What Time is It? Oh, crap it's November

Hiya! Yes, I am a live. And yes, I'm a bad blogger. HOWEVER. This is a special month.

You're going to hate me.

You're going to get sick of me.

For it is November.

What does this mean? What is this "November" other than the month for tasty and coma inducing Thanksgiving Dinner (yes, I'm a Yank)?

It's NaNoWriMo month people!

Is this WoW related? ... Not... technically. BUT! I am going to make it so!

My mission should you choose to endure it:

Write at least 1.7K words about WoW related stuff PER DAY of November. My ultimate goal: 50K words of blather on WoW.

Now, if you know NaNoWriMo (or you followed the linky) than you KNOW the horror and torture this month can be for wanna be writers, such as myself. For those of you who don't know, let me 'splain:

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. You have 1, count it, 1 month to write 50K words (the size of a short novel). So 30 days, 50K words. By midnight of November 30th, that last tid bit of plot or what have you in your novel better be done! Because you can then call yourself a Weiner. Or a Novelist. Take your pick. But it means you did the hardest part there is to writing and that's writing. I know, concepts.

Anywho, for the past ... I would say 3 years I've done this and failed each time. The highest word count I've gotten so far I think was about 5K words before my plot said FOaD. Last year, I thought I had a winner, but bogged myself down with so many details, my Main Character decided to be a hussy and not speak to me. Bitchy little snob hated the world I created for her... /sniffle...

Right, well, this year, I'm going to fail again. Not because I haven't written anything or I didn't make the Jynormous word count - nooooooo. I'm not going to write a "novel". I'm going to blog.


I hope.

I am going to reach a 50K word count by the end of the month.

Some (who am I kidding, all) of this may just be gobbledygook that you may not know why you read here anymore, but I do promise that at least most some a fraction will be priestly related.

I think.

Am I going to be cheap and count all this explanation towards my finally word count? You bet your ass I am!

And now, before you totally tune out, something WoWish.

I know I've been promising an Opera healing summary for some time now, and haven't delivered the goods, but it's mostly because while I have oodles of fun in the opera event... I just can't really find the right way to say "this is what you can do to make it more fun/less of a heart attack." Don't ask me why, it's just not talking to me. Also, AC's tried Netherspite again, on a whim, and I still.. cannot figure out what the hell I was doing there. Mostly healing the blue beam guy (unless it was a 'lock). And then raid healing. Tanks don't need heals during beam phases...

Right, moving on.

Can I just say that the Headless Horse Man fight for this Hallow's Eve ROCKED MY SOCKS!
It was a fun fight, and I even Frapps'd it (I think with Vent intact too? I can't remember) and I'm planning on making a video. In fact, lemme go checks it now. OMG, 38 gigs of videos, my computer hates me.

Anywho, the fight itself was just so easy to heal in the gear our group was sporting. I took the opportunity to practice DPSing ^.^ Because in the next patch, all that +heal is going to amount to some spell hurt! /cheer
The rings he dropped were pretty spiffy for some one just reaching 70, but alas, none of them we're really all that cool for me. I saw the Squashling drop twice (Damn you Fulgor/D!) and I saw the cloth hat drop a lot, and I even won it on Giddg.
But the bane of my HHM existence:

The Horseman's Helm

That is AC's Raid Leader of Awesome, Celliana. And after running HHM... so... many... times. WE GOT IT!
/orgasmic Celli-bration

I was very happy. He has Big Plans for that helm and certain raid videos to come. But still... every half minute... The Laugh of Eeeeeeevil! Cool hat, cool laugh, damn plate wearer's get all the fun.... /mutterstoopidclothpumpkinheadmutter

Our OT Eska and even D's alt Tsuya allso are sporting Mr. HHM's ... er, head, but either way, still a cool thing. Damn, D made out like a bandit this Hallow's Eve.

So, other than spending my time in HHM, what else has this priesty been up too, you ponder? I mean, I haven't updated this thing... um, in like half a month (ouch), what could I possibly be doing that's so uber as to miss this!

Not much, really. T.T

Though I have been leveling my baby shadow priesty. Rakzha's 37 now, sporting her Illusionary Rod, rocking out with Mind Flay, Silence, and a few other shadow things that I'll probably get into later. By the way, a slight tangent into tailoring:

Black Mageweave Pants and Vest make a hot combo.

But they're level 36 gear.

Let's move up the tailoring tree to circa tailoring lvl 275, to something you can't wear until you're in you are 50:

The Wizardweave Leggings.

... Yea. No wonder wizards wear robes. And don't get laid. /shudder

But hey, at least you know, you have the train wreck in your future.

You know what I'm talking about.

I hate those pants. My spacegoat shadow priest will find something to wear that will hide those fugly things. Rest assured! Oh and I had to nab the screen shot from Wowhead.com because I erased all known existence of said pants from my screenshot archive.

I tried. :P

Now, what's in store for teh Squeakie? Other than more rambling posts like this (and if you survived this long, Hallelujah to you! I'm beat!) I must make a confession.

Well, it's more like an experiment. You know, those things you'd do when you were like ten... er wait, no, not that.

A guildie of mine has kinda burnt out of WoW, and has been playing over at EQ2. Now, the only other MMO experience I've ever had has been WoW with a 2 week precursor of Guild Wars. So I DL'd the trial version of the game that's supposed to be one of those... I dunno, old sckool icons of MMO's, just to try it out.

My first impressions? (deep breath)


Ahem. Ok, back to something more coherent. It's kinda fun. If a bit... well, weird. I love faeries, I like the idea of an more RP based game, and it seems at least on the surface, that it is. Though only being able to level ten blows. I was having oodles of fun Binding things with my warlock (which btw, caused Fio to scream UNINSTALL NOW! He's bitter about the indoor "root" ;P)

The tradeskill system is weeeeeeird. But fun. I mean, it's like you're in combat with the stove to cook... your frog leg. See, weird. But it shows promise. Is it enough to shell out the cash for it? Nah. Not right now. Too much time, fun and friends invested into WoW. WE're just starting to get to some of the fun stuff.

As I sit here and type, we're getting set to go take a serious look at Void Reaver. Yea, he's TK. But from what we've all read, he's really, really, really simple. We're gathering our Frost/Nature resist gear for the tanks to get ready for Hydros, and yea, we've only taken Gruul down twice, but many of our core is bored to tears with Kara. We need something fresh. We don't quite have the DPS for Maggy, and that's going to be an interesting fight anyway. The World Bosses require a bit more spur of the moment, "Hey, Khazzak is up, we've got 26 raiders on, let's get him!" type dealy. And after we get our taste of Void Reaver (aka Loot Reaver, since he's that simple) our Raid Leader of Justice wants to head over and try the Lurker Below. That's going to be fuuuuun. We (Celli, myself as Sashara and Kel) all took a jaunt through the death infested waters to fish up the Lurker, three man style. I suggest farting around like that for everyone. Makes good video filler. ^.^

Speaking of filler... this is going to be tough, typing a bunch of WoW stuff, day by day. Here's hoping it sticks to something vaguely priest like!

Oh and did I mention... raiding with TJ is teh shit? Oo

Toodles for now gang!

PS: I need to get some sort of word counter going. I'll work on it tomorrow. Oh, did I also mention I'm working on an hour's worth of sleep? Loot Reaver here I come! /sleep


(PS, PS - Yea, I'm like ... a couple hundred words short of my daily goal. In the words of Doom,

"Eat a d!ck."