What's this?

No patch today? T.T

Ah well, I will survive. In the mean time, since I have no inspiring prompt for today, you'll get a bit of random.

Leveling cooking sucks. Leveling fishing sucks even more. Rakzha's cooking was stuck at 106 for the loooooongest time, because I had moved on from things that had dropped stuff like Murloc fins, Crispy Spider Legs and other such randomness. And it was impossible to find these things on the AH. Just absurd. I had been doing just fine getting her first aid leveled, but that's mostly because I was in such a rush to 300 tailoring, so anything left over went to the first aide fund. But still. Four stacks of turtle meat (which, btw, they've SO upped the spawn rate on that!) and I couldn't cook any of it, cause my cooking was too low.


But I got it today. Took my Giddglet out to Wetlands, had me a Murloc Genocide, then the server restarted, and whadya know, I log back in and all the murlocs are back! 4 stacks of fins later, I got to 125, could cook the 80 pieces of tangy clam meat sitting in my bank, and I'm now going to get some Giant Eggs so she can finish up that 225 quest and level her cooking all normal again ^.^


Oh, and for those of you who are wondering if there's like, the smart way to level cooking, Doom posted this for people to use on our guild forums.

And now, time to salivate over the chicken pot pie on mashed potatoes that is currently cooking in my oven.

Mmmmm, potatoes.


Ack, I almost forgot, I kinda said something about fishing sucking even more.

It does.

It really, really does.

I don't ever want to try and level it again. But I have this sneaky suspicion someone is going to get me drunk enough trick me into doing it on Rakzha. Who knows.


Alex - aka Firelight said...


I hate fishing! its so dull!!!

I got my fishing up to 100 and something, and it started to just bore the pants off me......*yawn*

Oh noes! i fell asleep at work thinking about fishing!!

Lawgiver said...

Patch on the 13th =D
that is all.