Baby Priest

So Operation Face Smelter is well under way. Rakzha is now 38, on the verge of hitting 40something and getting a special elephant of her own.

I'm going to experiment in something (and also mini rant about it too). In the next few levels, I can start wearing the Shadoweave gear (trainer for Alliance people/ trainer for Horde people). Now look. I know, this gear is more for 'Locks than it is for shadow priests. I'll be taking a hit on Intel, but I can make that up with enchants. I know that the Dreamweave stuff (you can wear the chest and gloves at 40) are more than likely better than their shadoweave counterparts. You don't need to point it out to me again and again. I get it. The Shadoweave is green, Dreamweave is blue. I GET THAT IT'S BETTER. /huff

But I don't care. Why? Because I want to test out the set. Numbers may not back these things up, but sometimes you just have to go with what feels right. Plus, I'm not PvPing, I'm leveling in a PvE environment. If I can dish out more shadowy hurt that's less time I'm spending on a mob, more time to kill more, more xp, you can see where I'm heading with this yes?

As of right now, my shadow spacegoat has been a breeze to level. Since level 10, she's had spirit tap. Let me tell you, the lessened downtime is awesome. I only carry a stack of water with me because of it. Also, from level 5 to level 26, the wands of choice I used we're the enchanting ones. They have really the best DPS out there until you hit 30, then the quest wands start looking ok.

I'm still fighting with myself on something though. I'm pushing to get to 40 so that I can get shadow form (cheer). But I've been wondering if I should stave it off until 45 to get the 5/5 in Wand Specialization in the Disc. tree, because wands are such an integral part of my DPS while leveling. Me thinks a tiny respec at 40 to see the dmg output. If I'm doing ok with the shadow form DPS, it stays and wand specialization can commence, but if the wand specialization is doing more, or just feels faster/better for whatever reason, might put the shadow form of DOOM on hold until 45.

Can I also say, being able to Silence again = bliss? Ahhh, I missed that on Cay. "Stupid caster is about to heal itself, Scream is down... Nooooooooo!" *mob at full health* /death.


So yea, another thing. As awesome as it is soloing, GET A FRIEND FOR STRANGLETHORN VALE.

I hate that place, but since Doom and I started tackling the quests there together, my rabid loathing has toned down to just hating it. I'm not sure if the FP at the Rebel camp will make me like it any more. But suffice to say, if the Blizzard servers some how "forgot" that map, no love lost here.

So today and tomorrow's word count is severely lacking, I'm probably a day or two behind in word count. It's ok, I can make it up! ^.^ As more baby shadowing goes on, I'll keep people updated. As it stands, need to go back to SM for the quests and to get Whitmane's hat. Because it's good to have a back up ^.^


Kirk said...

Boring theorycraft first....

Re shadowform vs wand spec, check your stats. What percent of your damage is coming from shadow spells, and what's coming from the wands? (If you're using anything else, these won't add to 100%. Shrug)

Multiply wand by 1.25. Multiply shadow by 1.15. Plug each in turn back into what you're doing, and ask: Which does more for damage?

If they're close, don't forget to note that shadowform also reduces incoming damage by 15%.

In the end, though - take the one that looks like more fun (grin).

Sonvar said...

Why in the world would you have STV on a PvE server? On PvP servers it makes sense since more lvl 40 quests are there and thats why higher lvls stalk it to kill them.

I do not want to hear complaints about STV until you do it on a PvP server.

Ratshag said...

Bah! Stranglethorn sucks, period. It bites. It blows.

There's mosquitos the size of vultures, vines what reach out and untie yer bootlaces, and snakes crawl up yer pants and touch you most inappropriately. Not only are there pirates, zombies, and nagas, but there's zombie pirate nagas. And every time you have to turn in a quest at Nessingwary's you gots to shove yer way past all the animal rights activists.

There. There's me complaints. So there. :P

TJ said...

I really had something to say about priesting, but I totally got distracted by how much I <3 Ratshag.

Ratshag said...

Someday I'm gonna really amuse TJ and she's gonna <4 me.

Squeakie, I'm looking at yer new header picture and, hun, you's a dwarf. You needs to stand in shallower water.

Andrew said...

Look at it this way- 1 talent point gets you 15% to ALL shadow damage. 5 talent points get you 25% to wands. Considering this, it makes more sense to get shadowform first.
And remember, shadowform does affect shadow damage from wands. So... try to find a wand that does shadow damange.
At lvl 70, I was critting for ~8-900 with the shadowdamage wand you get from the Nagrand nessingwary quests.

bm said...

Take the shadowform first ... as said the +shadow dmg works on shadow damage wands. Besides shadowform looks cooler IMO.