Ok, so again, I tried getting back onto WoW topic and post my Opera healing thing, but again, the cosmos are preventing me from posting it. After I got home from work, I was working on it again...

Alas... haven't finished it.

This will get done eventually!

I think.

Now, for something WoWish, and not terribly post thick:

I'm bored. Bored with Kara. We've been running it for months now. All our core raiders have maybe one or two things they could get from the place, but would rather get the upgrade from Gruul's/new stuff we're doing. (and hey Zul Aman maybe this Tuesday? Who knows.)

I have a question for those of you WoW types who read and haven't gotten terribly bored with my OT posts: What did you do when your guild got bored with something? Or you got bored? I mean, I haven't run an instance in like a month because... I got sick of them. Karazhan is just... a chore now. Is this what being a raider is like?

Meh, emo posting.


(Yes, today, first day at my new job, stunk. Because we had to Hurry, even though we had no idea what we were rushing to do. Very inefficient use of time. /grumble)


Word count: coming soon.


Matticus said...

We all played Hellgate: London or just sit around and play drinking games.

Peashooter said...

I started a new hunter, fell in love with him, and he is almost as high as my first one now.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Ways to combat raiding boredom:

- Come up with new ways to do old instances. I had a ball the time we went into Shadow Labs for the 873658935th time (I was grinding for exalted) and decided to make it a DPS race. Anything goes. Knock yourself out. Steal that aggro! We kept posting the DPS meter to encourage each other and we wiped a couple of times, but our gear was strong and our healer constantly on the ball so we survived most of it. Another option is to have the tank see just how many mobs he can tank at once. This works best with a tankadin, ofc. We prefer Shattered Halls for this experiment but anything goes really. It's quite impressive to watch two full rooms of mobs be tanked at once.

- Pick a vanity-faction and grind rep. Yes grinding is boring, but it'll be in an area you probably haven't been in quite some time and it's always fun to see the mobs die superfast to your imba damage. Personally I'm nearing exalted with Argent Dawn and of course there's the Wintersaber Trainers. Other options are the Centaur clans in Desolace, the Bloodsail Buccaneers, etc.

- Start an alt! Most people already have alts, of course, but seriously. When I'm bored of Tieryn, I have 4-5 different alts of varying level that I can escape to and just muck around with. I don't stress anything with my alts, I simply have fun with them. Leveling isn't important unless I want to focus on it.

- If you've got friends that are willing to do crazy things, there's no end to the possibilities! Arrange a scavenger hunt! Participants have to get screenshots of certain things, locate dead gnomes in Zone X, obtain particular items, etc. Or you could always do the naked gnome races, they seem to be rather popular. Ironforge to Stormwind, all level 1 gnomes. First one over the finish line at the Valley of Heroes wins! No tram allowed! Raid Hogger with a band of level 1s, all of X class and all looking exactly the same. Go kill Onyxia. Raid BRD. Log on your Horde characters and group-jump off the Great Lift naked. Make a race out of leveling your unarmed skill on Kobolds. First one to X skill wins!

- Craft something nice that's lowbie-ish and give it away to someone that really needs it. For example, it won't cost me much to make a pair of Spidersilk Boots but the AH price is stiff for a fresh level 22. No need to wait for December, be a Santa today!

kakalaki said...

when i get bored with a certain instance, i wouldn't run it. you play wow because it's fun, not because you have to. maybe cutting your kara time down to once a week or only if they need help. i'm not sure of your guild's availability status is though. another thing i do is, being a class leader, i get a "second wind" by teaching young upcoming locks and hunters to become better at what they do. maybe if you find a not-so-squeaky priest, you can mold them into the wonderful squeaky priest you are. alas though, ZA will be out soon and we will all have new goodies to see. gl in your bordem fight.

Malva said...

I haven’t been bored with raiding so far and it’s because my guild doesn’t “farm” any instances. As soon as we down a new boss, we start actively on the next one. As soon as an instance is cleared, we move on.

We’re pretty casual in spite of that. We raid 3 times a week, 2.5 hours at a time. There are no attendance requirements. Two of those nights are dedicated to new content, the third is normally used to get us to that content or for a Gruul/Mag combo if we don’t have good class balance for the new content. There is a fourth night some weeks for a Kara marathon where people mostly gear up alts but that’s not an official guild run and is ran by a different person. The idea is that the guild officers aren’t spending time coordinating farming runs.

Anonymous said...

When a raid instance becomes a chore it's usually a sign to get started with the next instance, even if it means wipe after wipe and no boss down. Whet's the guild's appetite for the next content, and work on the gear/consumables/skills required to hit the next level.

Then you can go back to Kara or whatever to make the guild that little bit stronger to handle the next content.

Vaerlin said...

It can start a bit of guild drama.

Our guild essentially split because were were still doing Kara, Gruul, and Mag while not spending as many nights in SSC and TK as many would like. So we called it, the hardcore guys switched servers and are all working on Hyjal and finishing up BT now.

Leaves little old me to just level my prot pally. If I'm not raiding with my hunter, I'm not really playing with him. I'd love to get some ZA going so I'll have to see if we can get enough of the old crew together and give it a go!