Healing Maiden: Cake Walk

Sorry for the delay, now to the post!

Maiden of Virtue, the 1st optional boss in Karazhan. Being the priestly type you are, if you have a pally or another priest in this fight, then things will be A OK.

Also, you probably won't have to, but begging/coercing/blackmailing your Raid Leader into downing this boss = a must. She drops Shard of the Virtuous which, combined with Moroes's Signet of Unshakable Faith = healing weapon combo of JUSTICE! ^.^

Having two people able to cleanse is good. Maiden does a Holy Fire that ticks for massive amounts of hurt. But Priests/Pallys can cleanse this (not sure about Shammies) so having at least two to get this debuff off your raid is awesome. As always, WoWWiki has a good run down of the fight, but here's the low down on healing Maiden of Virtue.

The Strat:
Ok, you saw the video I posted earlier, so here's a run down of it.

Why are we trying to position ourselves between pillars, you wonder? Well, Maiden does a Holy Wrath (think Holy Chain Lightning) on ranged raiders. What sucks is that it does more damage the more it "jumps". So spread out. Less hassle.

Make sure when you're between pillars, you get as close to the inner circle as possible without hitting her Consecrated area (or Holy Ground, but lets face it, it's a Consecrate XD). Only one tank to concentrate on, but any melee in there is going to need a renew once in a while. That Holy Ground hits for about 200 to 300 a tick.

Every 45 secs or so, Maiden spices things up by casting Repentance. This basically stuns everyone not in the Holy Ground (yes, that means you) for 12 secs as she beats on the tank. 12 seconds of no healing the tank, so be sure to top of the tank constantly. PoM, Renew always, but if you're not cleansing a Holy Fire, make sure you time your GHeals are a little heavy handed. Also, because you might need to, I usually come out of the stun either starting a GHeal if the tank isn't that bad off, or with a PoM/Shield if I need a second to FHeal, GHeal. Also don't go too crazy, your other healer is probably in the same OH SHIT! mode.

Otherwise... Maiden really is easy. Pat yourself on the back with a job well done and pray for that Shard of Yum yumness.


Sorry about the delay in today's post. I started it this morning, had to go to work, then work was really busy! So I'm finishing up here at home. XD



Keystone said...


That picture has me curious on what the post is about!? ^^

Anonymous said...

We've usually got a melee druid chewing on Maiden. When repentance hits, he'll pop out of cat and throw some HoTs on the tank as well.
When we're lucky enough to have one of our Pally's on the run, a Blessing of Sacrifice (I think?) on the tank will give the Pally enough damage to break the repentance as well.

Stephi said...

Good point! I forgot to mention that.

The first time we took her out, we had a pally with us, spamming Blessing of Sacrifice.

Our second time in, one of the feral druids was trying to heal... but we were able to cope without it. ^.^

Doogie said...

Shard dropped for us last night. All three healers (2xPriest, 1xTree) drooled. One Priest stepped aside because he had the Sha'tari mace, and the Tree won the roll-off. Still waiting for my tanking gloves.

Stephi said...

Yea, I already let Arbor Day Boi know he's got fair game for non-cloth healer drops in Kara until he gets one or two. My healing is almost 1800 now... I don't need anything from it yet. Gratz to your druid! ^.^

Anonymous said...

You can have your healers marked with symbols so you can have the tank pull the boss to a healer after a repenance then pull back. Pulling to a priest works best i guess since he can throw a PoM+ Renew instantly then go on to dispell a holy Fire.