New Home - Married IRL

So yea, in case you hadn't seen over at BRK's or on Blog Azeroth, the slight changes I mentioned?

I'm moving to a different type of blog. Teej had this crazy idea where, you know, I could still write about WoW and stuff, but I would also not feel too guilty writing about my other toons if I made it a blog that was... a bunch of stuff.

Cause I have a lot of stuff I could write about.

And so could my husband. We've both got this awesome job of Co GMing, and then there's this other stuff we do... no not that, but gaming in general, like all the other gaming stuff we do.

I know, technical terms all around, but I feel like I'm breaking up with someone here! "It's not you, its me..."

So, if you're still wanting PRIEST ONLY content, it's cool, I can understand. There's good people out there who write all about priesting. But I'm moving over to MarriedIRL... join me?

<3 Cay