Healing Curator: Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

See that? Its a good picture. It means your group has made the first hurdle into the raiding world. You've downed Curator. The Curator is the 3rd non-optional boss in Karazhan, he drops your first Tier 4 gear token (gloves) and his fight is an interesting one.

When AC hit him the first time, we were just doing our typical "Oooh lookie a new boss -ZOMG GACK" looksie. Which means we tried it once, tried it again semi seriously, and then ran out of raiding time. But the first serious time we went after him, it took a few tries to get the whole thing down right.

It's not really hard. Healing wise, we have one person on the tanks (we have both tanks on him, one tanking, the OT taking the Hateful Bolts) and the other healer spot healing the raid. What makes Curator so weird is the DPS isn't hitting him at first. Instead they're killing his little Arcane Flare adds. Each add costs 10% of Curator's total mana. WoWWiki has the Strat of nifty-ness, here's how it feels healing it.

The Strat:

Honestly, if you're healing the tanks, then your job is easy peasy. Your MT will need a Frisbee in the first minute or so, and your OT only really needs a Renew/GHeal after s/he gets nailed with that Hateful Bolt (it's an Arcane blast for about 5K Arcane Dmg, so that OT will be sporting some Arcane Resist gear to mitigate it), but after the first intial aggro gain, send your Frisbee to the DPS. They'll need it more than the tank. Your tank is going to need your GHeal/Renew lurvin's too, so don't forget that.

If you're assigned to heal the DPS, do as above with the Frisbee for the initial aggro gain boost, but after words, you'll be doing a lot of Renews (Renew... Renew!!!) DPS is going to be killing those Arcane Flares, and they do annoying little AoE arcane mini ... well, flares. They aggro randomly, which means you might get targeted. Power Word Shield helps cut the bite. You'll definitely have time to toss a GHeal on someone getting too much Flare love.

On the second to last Flare, we announce the next flare is X's, so make sure you keep an eye X DPS'r, since they'll be the only one hitting the Flare, and usually said Flare runs over to try and kill your Flare Killer.


While X DPS'r is doing that, everyone else LAYS IN to Curator. See, when Curator runs out of mana, he goes into an Evocation stage, where he stops attacking, turns big and blue, and takes 3x's as much damage. Yea, so this is why no one's on him during the Flares. If I'm on tank duty, I usually start wanding and cheer at my 700 wand dmg. If I'm on DPS, I'll make sure X is up while they cry that the damage meter is going to be stacked against them this fight.

Then Curator has full mana and it's lather rinse repeat until Curator reachs 15% health. Then he enrages, hits a little hard, still Hateful bolts, but no more Arcane Flares. A group just starting out will probably reach 3 to 4 Evocations on Curator. Then after you get a little more experience and gear, 2 Evo's is the usual thing to see.


This is a semi mana intensive fight, so make sure you have your pots. The tank healer may have some time to cuddle with the 5SR, but the DPS healer probably won't, especially if you have a lot of melee DPS in the group.

However, during an Evocation, your Shadow Fiend will sparkle. Use him as a little Priestly Innervate. Because remember, he's doing 3x's as much damage, and that means 3 times as much mana back. It's very win/win.

Otherwise, have fun with the fight! It'll be fun to watch all your melee running around, rogues trying to get behind something that doesn't have a face... OO

Oh and Loot to look forward too: The Tier 4 Gloves Handwraps of the Incarnate

Not a super huge upgrade over the ones from Attumen: Gloves of Saintly Blessings, but I mean, they are Tier 4... and they are really pretty (about the only thing I find pretty from Tier 4, other than the shoulders *gacks at the helm*)


Tier 6 looks EVIL! I <3 it. ^.^


Anonymous said...

thanks, that helps my guild a lot =) btw, i was reading BRK's blog...and maybe my faithful kitty would like a cay-hug? he's nice most of the time and loves priestys =]

Doomilias said...

shadowfriend ftW

Doogie said...

If you have a Pally or two with you (we always have lots -- all but one of our tanks are Pallies, as are half our regular raid healers; we've had as many as four), have one of them cast Judgement of Wisdom on Curator during that phase so your wanding also helps regen your mana.

BigBearButt said...

Congrats Stephi.... stomp that sucker flat!

Ratshag said...

Haven't gotten to Kara yet. Me guild be tiny and casual and pretty freakin' disorganized, but they's a good buncha buggers. Anywho, it's nice to have some ideas of what to expect for when we do. Thanks. And a "job well done" do you and da resta the AC crew.

Plus, I likes the movies.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

We used to down Curator without a hitch but after some people wuit and some other people temp-retired, things aren't that easy anymore. Assigning the last flare to 1 DPSer is a good idea that I don't think we've thought of yet, so I'll be suggesting it to my fellow officers right away :D

This was my not-quite-delurking comment as ordered by TJ.