Arg! /headdesk

So yea, I've fallen behind. Getting the brain pan in order to cooperate and write. Silly brain.

I've been trying to sit down to write the Opera overview, but it keeps giving me the finger (not in a good way).

So, that's put on hold for now. I'm going to be playing Rakzha for a bit tonight, just to get a feel for the 20s on a shadow priest ^.^ Should be exciting.

As for my irregularity in postage, maybe its my inner moron rebelling against a schedule. I don't seem to be making my Wednesday posts, so I'm going to change that to when ever my brain pan stops being retarded. Which is at least once a week. So expect at least a post a week, if not more. This way I don't disappoint myself (or anyone else) when I see Wednesday come and go with no post.

And as you've probably already guessed (since BRK, Doom, Tred, and Brig have squee'd about it) AC took out High King Maulgar on our first night. Which rocked this baby raider's socks off.

(Viddage - Younoob / Website DL)

As you can see from the vid.... it was chaotic, but we recovered pretty well from it.

I've never done a raid higher than a 10 man, so it was definitely a new, exciting experience. I was in charge of all our awesome healz that night (we had 3 pallies, 2 druids, 1 shammy and myself) so we totally had that covered. Hard core. It was excellent. And I was totally nervous the entire time... I've never organized that many people in a life or death situation like this before. Ok, it's not real life and death, but you have to make a snap decisions. Even when my LARP werewolf was Alpha, I still had the luxury of well thought out plans. So yea, big fucking rush. It was great XD More thoughts on that later...

There are plans to revisit HKM and his crew this Monday, with the goal of seriously trying to take out Gruul. Eeee! So yea.... here's hoping for more good raiding!

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Mana Battery Bitch said...

LARP? Ooou, does that stand for what I think it stands for? Also, bonus points for werewolf mentions! I keep telling my guildmates that I want priests to have werewolf form as our end talent point in the shadow tree come level 80.