This House, Is Clear!

Last night, Aetherial Circle, my guild of awesome, cleared Karazhan. After 5 wipes, we took out Netherspite.


Viddage is here:


AC Forums

In other news, Friday was our Raid Leader's night for loot.
Prince dropped his T4 helm, and Nightbane dropped his Shield of Impenetrable Darkness. Prince also dropped Light's Justice, which I blew all my points on. Now I need nothing more from Kara! Yay! But the last bit for our Raid Leader, after 20 some odd freakin Heroic Mechanars, The Sun Eater FINALLY dropped. /cheer

So yea, tonight, we plan on wiping in a spectacular fashion on High King Maulgar and crew. It will be my first 25 man ever.... I mena, like raid wise... it'll be my first big raid.


Oh and PS: I have no idea if I'm going to be coming out with a How to Heal Netherspite... because even I'M not sure what the fuck I was doing that night....

ZOMG CRAZY! That's the fight. XD


Doomilias said...

hahaha, awesome headline.

...maybe you shoulda started the nspite video with the clip from that scene where ace is sliding open and closed the balcony door while doing his best three tenors impression

Mean Green Machine said...

Grats to the house clearing =)

Mera said...


Netherspite is a piece of cake. Stand in the green portal, spam the group heal, chuck the highest HPS heal out to anyone who needs it.

Once you get out of the portal, ask for innervate & pot up. Then keep your eye on the raid & the blue beam person, so they stay topped off.

PoM should be good, cos the whole raid takes dmg.

Netherspite in a nutshell xD

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Your subject line made me think of Poltergeist ♥ 'Ya'll mind hangin' back? You're jammin' my frequency.'


Vince said...

I love your blog, it's so perky!

We always take 3 healers to Kara. So for Netherspite, we divide up the room into 3rds, with one healer in each third. It's a little like Aran, in that it always feels hectic. Also, we don't have our healers scheduled to enter any beams. Tanks and DPS have assignments, and healers can pop into the green (or, I guess, blue) beams if needed.