Healing Moroes: Kara's Raid Check

It took AC three weeks of banging our heads against this guy. On our third week, we got him to cough up the purple.

Moroes is tough. For someone who is used to just sitting back and healing, he's more so.

Moroes isn't alone in the fight. He has four undead friends who share his space, chitchat with, and make our lives living hell. He has a total of six friends, but they rotate each week. Those four adds and Moroes's annoying Garrote make this a CC Fight of Doom.

Again, WoW Wiki gives an awesome strat to deal with him and his four adds of the week. Here's what it's like being a squishi healy type in the fight.

The Strat:
Ok, this fight is all about your raids methods of CCing the four adds before taking on Moroes. Out of the 5 times I've done this, the best combo to date is 2 Shackles/1 Trap. Yup, that's right. You aren't sitting back and just making sure the tank doesn't die this time. You're shackling, preferably every 15 - 20 seconds, one of the 4 adds. In fact, during this fight, I usually assign the other healer to deal with the MT and OT while I've worked on keeping the rest of the raid up.

Both the MT and OT are on Moroes and both are fighting for Aggro too. They need to. Moroes has a nasty habit of Gouging one tank and then Blinding the other, and then he prances his psychotic way over to the DPS/Squishi/Non-Plate wearers and merrily one shots them into Oblivion. Druids can cure Poison on the Blind, so that's not a total loss. But it's nerve wracking. Also, Moroes will periodically Vanish during the fight, then SURPRIZ BUTTSECKS some on with a Garrote which does 1000 HP every 3 seconds for 5 mins. It can be gotten rid of three ways: Pally Bubble, Dwarf Stoneskin, and Mage Iceblock. That's it.

So, we've established that you have your shackle, that gets one add out of the fight. What about the other three? Well, if you have a Shadow Priest of Awesome with you, Great! Another shackle, and one that lasts longer than yours. (Ok, maybe there is no math to back that up, but I find every SP I come across, their shackles always outlast mine. Rarg.)

Two adds taken care of, what about the other two? Well, try to have a BRK (aka Hunter of PewPew!) who can chain trap with you. Big bonus. Huge bonus. Mega bonus to keeping that 3rd add out of the fight.
Down to one add left to smush. This is usually the one that needs to die first. Lady Catriona Von'Indi - Holy Priest, or Baroness Dorothea Millstipe - Shadow Priest are the usual contenders for this prestigious rank of "MUST DIE NOW." They're squishi, have low HPs, and have the top most annoying abilities (Holy heals - duh, SP has the Mana Burn of "For the Love of God and all that is Holy, MY ANUS is BLEEDING!".)

In our last run, we didn't have a tank to spare for the two adds who needed to die (which is the squishi first, following by the trapped one) before all DPS was one Moroes. But we were able to get by with the Rogue Stunlocking the priest (we had Holy). This means all my attention was on that rogue. Let me tell you. Healing a rogue tank is a serious rush. They don't take a steady stream of damage like tanks usually do. For Luc, our rogue, I opened with my Prayer of Mending before the fight, shackled MY add as soon as MT pulled the posse, threw a quick renew on MT, then started a GHeal for Luc. Yes, he had opened with a Cheap Shot, which means he had 4 secs to start pwning Holy Add, but he started that when I was Casting my 3 sec shackle and 1.5 Global cool down Renew on MT. In the case of a rogue tank, Over healing a mite = A OK in my book.
After that first GHeal, it's PoM again. In order to gauge when you should start that next heal, I recommend having something like Natur EnemyCastBar. It gives you a timer on all cooldowns on abilities from allies as well as enemies. I have a 70 rogue, so I know how a stun lock works, and from that I can pretty much guess when Luc is going to need me to heal him most, if he's stuck in between cool downs.

If you have ADD, this fight is for you. While Luc's back may have felt a little sunburn as my focus was extreme on him, you still need to keep an eye out for the rest of the raid, MT and OT especially. Depending on your DPS output, the 1st add should go down, no problem.

If you do have a feral who can go tank for this fight, bonus. Our first time taking Moroes down, it was the Feral/MT on Moroes, and out OT on the adds. With this combo, I was OT healer but with liberal crossover in case MT/Feral needed it.

Ok, first add, out of the way, now its on to Trapped add. In our Rogue Tank situation, well, there was no way Luc would survive the trapped guy, so BRK sent in Hobbes in all his kitty fury to tank. Hunter pets can vary in the healing feel, but as long as you think of them as a slightly undergeared tank, then your set. PoM, Renew, GHeals, all are good. 2nd add should go down reasonably quick. If you have the OT on the add, then it's business as usual.
And remember, your MT loves you still. Keep an eye on his/her health!

By now, you're probably wondering "What the Hell! No time for rapage of the five sec rule! T.T" But this isn't true. With pet tank/OT, you'll get a few breaks as your Renews/PoM give you a bit of a buffer to get some 5sr luvins. Pacing yourself in this fight is a good thing.

2nd Add down, doggy pile on Moroes! (You did remember to shackle that Focus target of yours, yes?) and here's where the fun begins. By now, at least one or two people will have Garrote on them, and are slowly bleeding their lives away.

All that's going through this Squeaker's mind (and on Vent) is this: ZOMG WHY ISN'T HE GARROTING ME! T.T

It's random, but if you're a dwarf healer (pally or priest) , getting the Garrote means one less person you need to keep an eye on. Stoneskin has a 3 min cooldown, but I have been able to use SS twice in a fight.

As soon as Moroes is everyone's target, whip out the Shadow Fiend, PoM the MT, and take a break! If you have the Bangle of Endless Blessing up, use it now. It's the best tricket for ShadowFiend mana lurvins. This also gives your other healer a bit of a break as well since both are now concentrated on the MT/OT (MT/Feral) combo.

Now, it's a DPS race. Your raid has to DPS him down quickly, before those who have Garrote sap all the healers mana. Ideally, you want the tank and OT to have the Garrote, because your healing them anyway. Keep your renew up at all times, as this will mitigate the Garrote if your tank has it. If you need to pot, do it at 50-60% of your mana as opposed to later. You never, ever want to shout OOM unless Moroes is down to 1% and you can help wand him to death (that is, if you can before your shackle breaks and then your add comes to eat your face.)

Is he dead yet? Good! Now RUN! If this is your cherry breaking day on a Moroes death, you're going to be pooped, OOM, and generally bleeding to death. Run out of the room and your shackle will disappear. Hooray! Time for purples! For the holy priest in my, only one thing on Moroes drops that is nifty keen: Signet of Unshakable Faith.

It hasn't dropped yet, but it's ok. I'm patient.


Jona said...

Awesome post on healing strat. I may be pointing some people this way on how to do it :)

The worst thing in the world for me as a Tank is when the healer says 'OOM'.

Once I blow through my 'oh sh*t' buttons, trinkets, pots, spammin shield block like mad and anything else I can possible do to stay alive,, lookin at the mana bar on my healer and seein it still too low. *sigh*

Dirt nap time.

Zerei said...

re: anus is bleeding