More Video's with a Heroic Side Note

Got a new video up. AC downing Curator

This I uploaded to my website instead of Youtube, but it'll get there eventually. It's nice that we got him on our second try (wewt!)

So now AC can get up to Curator. Time to kick back for 3 weeks and get people some gear. I'm looking forward to it.

So far, I've done a few Heroics. Trust me when I say, they are tough. I was starting to get bored in the level 70 instances. Things weren't super easy, but healing for them wasn't the ZOMG PANIC attack they used to be when CC failed/bad pull/noobness happened.

But in heroics, this changes. Things hit harder. Things that were annoying in normal are deadly again. My first heroic was Mechanar. Forget killing the second boss. She's impossible. Those two fire elementals is now three, they move faster, and hit a lot harder. We killed the third boss with little to no problems. We called the instance after 6 tries on her.

But getting to what I wanted to say, last night we did a Heroic Setheck Halls run. It was actually not that bad. We had a warrior tank, warrior DPS, magey, Fio's Boomkin and myself. The Shackle and Sheep for CC were necessary, as well as Fio's Hibernate later on. Fear ward = big bonus for those damn prophets. Oh and the Ravenguards after the first boss.... OVER HEAL. Fio was off healing, and even with my spiffy new Whitemend set, overheal. They hit hard, they hit fast. And make sure you time your Fade's right or else you're goo on their swords. I died the first time. I pulled aggro during a resisted taunt.... ow. Ow ow.

The first boss in this dungeon is pretty much the same as in normal mode, but his elemental buddies hit harder and so does he. But he's doable.

The last boss, Ikiss... OMG. Forget mana efficiency. Your DPS has to burn him down ASAP. At 75%, 50% and 25% he does the annoying teleport, 5second cast and instant BOOM death AOE unless you're behind a pillar in the room. Well, he also does the arcane volley. Instant cast. Pretty much, through out that fight, I was PoM the tank, then Prayer of Healing. Repeatedly. We wiped three times before my rhythm of PoM, PoH, PoH, PoM, etc got down. He still randomly sheeps people, and it can be a benefit because it heals whoever it sheeps (as long as it's not the tank. If it is, dispel ASAP). Fio's Innervate and my Shadow Fiend, plus 1 mana pot later and.... hunter wrsits drop *head desk*.

Ah well, can't win them all ^.^

However! I will say this... the Anzu fight is GORGEOUS. I want to go back, and kick his butt again. Because it was so pretty. It was! I want the Anzu mount so... freakin' ... bad. UG! Cay's goals is to get either Midnight or Anzu. On of the two...

Pretty fight. If you want a detailed description of how to take him down, Fio has it on his blog

Check it out ^.^

Oh, and because I felt like squeeing...

Healing at 1768, with MotW, Spirit buff, Arcane Brilliance, Draeneic Wisdom and Healing power pots.

This is Cay raid buffed.



mars506 said...

Hi there. I just reached 70 recently on my priest, and was wondering what I should do next?

I'm completely in a daze as to which instances I should run to get rep for heroic keys, or even which keys I should be getting for which instances and which heroic instances drop good gear.

All help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Jona said...

Thank You for posting the vid to your blog and not youtube! I can't get youtube at work *sob*

Great Job and grats to you guys!

Yaja said...

Wow, almost 1800 +healing, nice!.... although you have 6-8% less crit than I... I couldn't decide where to focus my priest, so I'm kind of split 3 ways: +healing, +crit, and +mana/5 (swapping out gear depending on which I want to focus on more).... I haven't decided which I like better...

The +Crit (had over +20% crit on holy once) is kickass when soloing with searing light (think that's what its called), same with +dmg gear (I can get up to +600 with only a few swaps, and grinding that's nice)... not to mention critting with healing spells is NICE, especially since I have that talent that raises their armor for 15 seconds on crits, AND I Get a free searing light on the enemy too! Most dungeons I out DPS the tank while still keeping everyone healed and not running out of mana! :D

+healing is a nice staple... renew for over 500/tick? Yes please... which means less casting, which means more mana regen....

+mana/5 is nice obviously, but how much would you need to basically never run out of mana? Since BC? a TON! I've heard of some priests pre-BC that had enough mana regen gear to be able to cast all day long (that was also before the healing nerf of using lower level spells to get away with it)... +spirit also offsets this if you have the right Disc talents, which I believe we both have... so whether its +spi or +mana/5 at this point I'd lean more to +spi since you also get a % of that towards +healing/dmg...

Anyways, always nice to pick another priests brain! :)

- Yaja from Alexstrazsa (whos not even attuned with Kara yet... don't get me started!) ;-)