OK, so sue me

So today's post is probably going to be very un-WoW related. Meh. I feels like talking about something else. It's Doom's fault really. So blame it all on that roguish bastard.

This is going to be my obligatory anime/cartoon geek out post. For those of you looking for something priestly, just go here for today and get a kick out of all the pally's QQing in priest forums kthxbai.

The picture I've linked to refers to something any and all anime fans should go watch. I snarfed my soda at the DBZ skit. Please, GO WATCH IT NOWZ.

Now, I'm not going to regal you with tales of superior anime and other elitist crap like that because, quite frankly, I'm not all that hardcore about it. I watch anime, but subbed and dubbed. Before you turn your flame on, take note that I will not hesitate to call you names for being a closed minded purist for thinking that Subbed is the only way to go, I'm a lazy American, blah blah blah.

I watch both because I actually care about what I hear. Yea, there are many, many animes I'll watch the subbed version and never even dream of going dubbed (Love Hina for prime example - subbed is awesome, the dubbed makes me want to something awful that would probably gag a maggot.) However, Hellsing has one of the most awesome dubs I've ever heard. British accents, the sexy pleasebitemenow aural orgasm just wafting out of my speakers from the voice actor of Alucard... /flutter. Sir Integra's manly woman voice. I love it. I've heard the sub, I like the dub more.

Then there's anime like Trigun. I love both. Vash's voice is awesome, Milly and Meryl I could do without. The subbed sounds right too (though I haven't heard it in a while.) I do have a sneaky suspicion the American voice actor for Vash is the same for Ichigo in Bleach. I could be wrong, I don't really research these things. Bleach, also another that I could listen to either, though it'd be nice if the continuity between subs and dubs was better. It's a Soul Reaver or a Death God, pick one damn it!

Regardless, if this isn't enough for you to cry ZOMG YOU FAIL, here's the next thing all you hardcores are going to scoff at: I don't care for manga. Hate is too strong a word for it, but I have a tough time reading any and all forms of comic books unless I force myself too. And don't get into the mincing of words ("ZOMG she called a manga a comic book!" /foam at mouth) they're graphic novels at the library, just stop being so damn PC, call it what it is. Comic book/manga, same freakin' thing in two different languages. Also, I read tons of books.

I find that my whole tone so far has been pretty defensive. Hrm. Well, usually it's because after trying to talk about this subject many times, if you don't treat it like the "hardcore" fans do, you're a noob, or whatever hip Japanese word they call it. Anywho, back to manga and why I don't read it.

Two reasons really. One, if I'm reading a book, I want to read it. Not digest pictures with the words, my imagination is very handy at developing what I'm supposed to be "seeing" thank you very much. I wasn't much of a picture books kid.

Secondly, the habit that anime/manga makers have of creating a manga that's "awesome" then coming out with an anime that's pretty much the summary of said manga, then saying, "Oh, btw, you want to finish this really cool story and get some details we left out? Go buy the manga." So they want you to sink money in both the literature and the vid. Screw that. One or the other damn it. Yea, yea, I know, the cost to making an anime far surpasses the cost of printing paper, but still, I don't read manga, for once finish the fucking story in the damn anime please?!

What's the one exception that's been able to make it past my apathy for comic books? The Sandman Chronicles. The story is just... incredible. I'm a big Changeling: The Dreaming fan and having read some of the Sandman... makes me wish I could get a group together to play some fae. Just... it drips awesomeness. I can't describe it any better than that because its just... so nifty!
(This is an aside, just because... well, because.)
Guys... it's there. It was there when you woke up this morning, it'll be with you all day, and even at night when you go to sleep. What is it with guys and their willies!? Let me explain: I'm at work, I work at a library, the boss is a guy, in his 50s, a hyper OCD man who is an excellent librarian, a work-a-holic, a bit crazy, and has this tendency to just... scratch himself when talking to you! I Don't Get It. He's an awesome boss, but... gah! It's not just him! Other guys I work with do this! You could be talking about something, putting a book away or scanning something and down goes the hand for a quick flick and then back to whatever is being done, totally forgotten.

Maybe, no wait, it's probably because I'm a woman that 1) I notice and b) it bugs me. But... gah! I don't get it. If my tits itch you don't see me just mid convo start scratching. If it's really that bad I'll go to the bathroom or make sure I'm in the stacks alone and itch to my hearts content. But mid conversation? And it's not like the boss guy does the quick flick. SOME TIMES HE'LL KEEP HIS HAND THERE FOR LIKE 10 SECONDS! Not in a cupping type... thing... it's just... there!

I don't get it. Ok, prude senses off, back to anime...

Also, and maybe this does or doesn't count, who knows, but while I can't get into Manga or other conventional comic books in general... I can read web comics till the day I'm pushing up daisies.
CAD, VGcats, LFGroup, Dark Legacy Comics, and to a lesser extent Penny Arcade - you name it, I've probably read it once, and liked it. The ones I listed I read regularly (aka when I remember to check on them) but maybe I like them because 1) they're funny, b) they deal with topics I know readily and III) they've got good art (though Dark Legacy is meh, it's still wicked funny). I'll admit I'm a bit of an art snob, though I wouldn't be able to tell you what kinda art is what. And I fully admit most of my art sucks donkey turds (yes, I have a thing for Gargoyles, more coming on that in a second).

Where was I going with this? I know I had a point... ah well, it'll come to me later.

Suffice to say that's my view on the whole anime thing. Now. For a bit of fun.


Disney came out with this cartoon in 1994 and it was THE THING I watched after school. If I missed an episode, I was generally in a bad mood until I got my Goliath fix. This show has had such a weird impact on my life. The story arch is just so fun to follow, this woman created a bunch of fan fiction after the show that I pretty much think of as the "lost" episodes of the series. It's just... so cool. I found the fan fiction and the fandom my first year in college and have been hooked on it ever since.

What's funny is I still can't read Shakespeare. I mean the show is one gigantic Shakespeare orgy! But I just... can't get into his stuff. Maybe it's the way it's written, and I'm just some sort of lazy person, but anything written before the 20th century, (and even some of that shit) I just can't enjoy reading it.

After finding all of the nifty sources and sites related to other crazy gargoyle fans such as myself, in 2006 I finally got to go to the Convention. Yea, I was able to convention geek out. It was both cool and a let down, but more because I expected too much maybe? The Gathering of the Gargoyles has gone on for ... 12 years now? I missed the heyday. But ah well, I still got a chance to make a total noob out of myself and got second place for it XD
For the convention, I even wrote a story for the anthology contest. It got in. /cheer
I'll post it sometime, I think it's past the date where I can post my work. Think they said I needed to wait at least a year or something... but it's at home. So linkage coming soon. And you can laugh at my attempt at fiction MUWHAHAHAHAA!


Ok, so this Off WoW Topic has gone on long enough. I'm probably going to get a swift kick in the shin for using so much time to come up with it.

Oh! FYI, I will be counting my responses to posts that I make towards my word count. Because I did write them! So nyaaaaaaah :P

And I'm still searching for a word counter to put up. Hey, at least I'm consistent in putting something off. I'll probably get a word counter on Nov 30th XD

Official Word count: 4284


Mana Battery Bitch said...

You need to go find the first ElfQuest comics, post haste. I think you'll fall in love.

Kel said...

hey you! check out gun lovin dwarf chick, she's got a word counter going. :P

Doomilias said...

SILENCE! ...i keel you...

some anime is dubbed well, most is not. i prefer the subbed versions mostly because fan subs will get you the closest translation possible, rather than the edits dubs have to go through to preserve on screen content.

its a matter of preference, and it just so happens that my preference is better than yours! HA!

also, men scratch their balls because balls itch. that is all. you have an itch, you scratch it.