Gear Change!

Ok, not really a fail. But! The Awesomeness that is TJ has given me something else to do. I'm still going to try to make this NaNo-ish in length, but this NaBloPoMo... makes me sad because I thought I was being all original and schtuff!

Ah well. I should have know better.

Btw, if some things come out... weird, it's because my fingers are committing mini acts of seppuku as I type. Raking the leaves has made them... rebellious.

Want to see something uber cool?

I know you do.

That was AC in Tempest Keep: The Eye last night. SQUEEEEE! Yea, we went there. We got totally owned by trash, but we got at least two stabs at Void Reaver before we had to call it a night.

Oh, a pretty VR shot:

Yea. It was oodles of fun. IT WAS SO HARD TO HEAL! I mean, I had to concentrate again, it wasn't a snoozefest. My heart was racing for most of it. And it's made me realize I need to get my ass in gear and buy Cay an epic flier. Because many times, people would die, release, fly back into the instance in time to help kill some more. Those Astromancers suck btw. Suck hard. Instant cast AoE fire balls for like 3-4K. Owie. We had 7 healers in there, and our pallies and myself found us running out of mana at the end of each pull. It was really hard to try and conserve mana.

But for it being our first time in there. I think we did awesome. I just wish the server would have stopped being retarded and not had so many DC's. We had some hickups with that. Had to switch out some DPS because we were running late, other things we're probably going to address soon.

Still. It was AWESOME. I couldn't get over how cool the place looked, how fun it was. When we get to go there for real, after we've done Maggy and some SSC, I'm going to have a lot of fun taking out A'lar. He's. So. Fucking. PRETTY!

One of these times I'll wrangle my brain into posting how it feels healing High King and Gruul, but that's another time. Still just in a slight afterglow with TK. Oh, and something else that's funny. We got 4 purple drops while in there XD 2 tanking rings and our fire mage Fulgor (who is now Carlos, teh man of Love) got a nifty purple belt. Oh the last purple was a Nether Vortex, but only the arms warrior Black smith could really use it. But still! Not only did we get some valuable experience, some people got some lewts.

Tonight is Karazhan, and it's the last "scheduled" one we're doing. The next time we do Kara its for the undergeared guildies. It will have some of us old timers in it either on alts or just listening in to give advice, but many of our core group has moved on from Kara. It'll be a rough transition, and we're still trying to figure exactly what we're going to do now that holiday season is here. People have family stuff to do, will be on holiday vacations, doing family things, etc. So it's going to be an interesting 2 months.

Oh and I start my new part time job on Sunday. Wewt! And Suck. Wewt monies! Suck starts at 7am T.T There may be work related foibles incoming.

And damn it, Doom's got me thinking about all those cartoons.... /shakes fist. Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Some thoughts on raiding: I've mentioned it before, I'll probably mention it again, but I've never really raided until BC. I'm finding it to be... really, really fun. And it's definitely hard work. ... I had more thoughts, but a ninja in my brain just stole them all. Little fucker.

Ah well. I think the leaves are catching up with me. I did a little bit of yard work to get some good In-law Karma. Here's hoping my fingers didn't commit their acts in vain. How am I still typing you think? THE POWER OF MY MIND. Er something like it.

Getting back to the beginning mention of the NaBlo vs. NaNo, I'm still going to go for word count! But I will be blogging daily anyway to get that word count.... so I accomplish BOTH! PHEAR MY SQUEAKIE INSANITY!


Which means I still have a really big post to go, so here goes nothing. (No, seriously, you're probably better off not reading past this point, because it will be just that. Nothing.)


"Guys, my head is stuck."

This picture has a story. You see, Blizzard, in it's infinite wisdom pain in the assness decided a long time ago to put in a reset cap to instances. Not sure when they did it, but for the Headless Horseman fight this past Hallow's Eve, it was annoying to say the least.

You see, when we reached our hourly quota on SM resets, we'd get bored, restless, and there was nothing really relevant to take out our frustrations on. That is, until we remembered where we were.

The citizenship of the small town called Brill is comprised of a few notable NPCs. They have a blacksmith, apprentices, a town hall, an inn, an orphan matron, a stable, some alchemists/herbalists, and a few guards.

Well, at least they did. In come the bored Alliance players who have 25 mins until they can go into an instance. Much smooshing of lowbies was done. Sometimes, we even got a few lvl 70s to come defend their poor small town. It made the time go by. Afterwards, we even helped put out the fires the evil HHM lit on their inn, but the guards didn't find it very redeeming and shoo'd us away from the little township with their sheer numbers.

Ok, so that story didn't have much of a point. The picture was from when we cleared out the town hall, had a mid range hunter come inside, look at us enjoying a quick bite to eat, and then said hunter turning around and exiting the building post haste.

It was funny.

It was.

Oh go smoke some pole.


As you're probably figuring out, I love LoLCats. Luff, luff, luff. And I will find any and every excuse to use them as much as plausible in my blogging. They make good pictures ^.^

I knew it. I got distracted by shinies. Blarg! Ok, no more randomness for today. I'll just have to make it up in the future. This has me wondering if on the 30th I'm going to have the epic post of BLARG RANT ZOMG NOOB WHY DID I THINK I COULD DO THIS! /wrists

It's a good thing I can't predict teh future.

Oh and I need to find a word count updater thingie.

But for now its 2682!


Zee said...

Hi! I came over from NaBloPoMo. I'm challenging myself to comment on as many blogs as possible this month.

Ok, lemme get this straight... You're combining both NaNo and NaBlo? Brilliant! I tried playing WoW once... But then my bf plays FFXI, so that's the one I went with. I really do like the vibrance of the colors in WoW, though.

Happy Posting!

Chris Anthony said...

http://www.zokutou.co.uk/wordmeter/index.php is the usual one, I think. They've taken the meter-calculator offline (although it shouldn't be that hard to reverse-engineer), but they have code you can paste in, and a built-in word counter.

Melnayo said...

Perhaps your healers are healing the same targets when only one would suffice? A pair of HoTs from a tree take little mana and will restore 5k of health in about 10 seconds, which unfortunately is plenty of time for a priest or paladin to waste their own mana healing the same person.

It's also unfortunately plenty of time for the mobs to decide to kill that person, if they get unlucky, so try to sort it out so that you don't have too many healers doing raid healing if and when the entire raid isn't constantly taking damage.

If it's going to BE 10 seconds before the same people take another AoE for 4k, try to arrange it so you're not all healing the same people. Split it up by name, by group, or by class, and have your healers arrange their raid frames the same way so they can identify who they should be healing.

...or however you want to do it. My experience may not be entirely relevant. I was a healer in ZG until 2.0 hit, from which point i have been feral or a hybrid. The only raid healing i've done was ONE trip to karazhan as a tree.

It was fabulous; i love healing; but my guild needs me as a tank or dps more than it does as a healer. :(