What Time is It? Oh, crap it's November

Hiya! Yes, I am a live. And yes, I'm a bad blogger. HOWEVER. This is a special month.

You're going to hate me.

You're going to get sick of me.

For it is November.

What does this mean? What is this "November" other than the month for tasty and coma inducing Thanksgiving Dinner (yes, I'm a Yank)?

It's NaNoWriMo month people!

Is this WoW related? ... Not... technically. BUT! I am going to make it so!

My mission should you choose to endure it:

Write at least 1.7K words about WoW related stuff PER DAY of November. My ultimate goal: 50K words of blather on WoW.

Now, if you know NaNoWriMo (or you followed the linky) than you KNOW the horror and torture this month can be for wanna be writers, such as myself. For those of you who don't know, let me 'splain:

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. You have 1, count it, 1 month to write 50K words (the size of a short novel). So 30 days, 50K words. By midnight of November 30th, that last tid bit of plot or what have you in your novel better be done! Because you can then call yourself a Weiner. Or a Novelist. Take your pick. But it means you did the hardest part there is to writing and that's writing. I know, concepts.

Anywho, for the past ... I would say 3 years I've done this and failed each time. The highest word count I've gotten so far I think was about 5K words before my plot said FOaD. Last year, I thought I had a winner, but bogged myself down with so many details, my Main Character decided to be a hussy and not speak to me. Bitchy little snob hated the world I created for her... /sniffle...

Right, well, this year, I'm going to fail again. Not because I haven't written anything or I didn't make the Jynormous word count - nooooooo. I'm not going to write a "novel". I'm going to blog.


I hope.

I am going to reach a 50K word count by the end of the month.

Some (who am I kidding, all) of this may just be gobbledygook that you may not know why you read here anymore, but I do promise that at least most some a fraction will be priestly related.

I think.

Am I going to be cheap and count all this explanation towards my finally word count? You bet your ass I am!

And now, before you totally tune out, something WoWish.

I know I've been promising an Opera healing summary for some time now, and haven't delivered the goods, but it's mostly because while I have oodles of fun in the opera event... I just can't really find the right way to say "this is what you can do to make it more fun/less of a heart attack." Don't ask me why, it's just not talking to me. Also, AC's tried Netherspite again, on a whim, and I still.. cannot figure out what the hell I was doing there. Mostly healing the blue beam guy (unless it was a 'lock). And then raid healing. Tanks don't need heals during beam phases...

Right, moving on.

Can I just say that the Headless Horse Man fight for this Hallow's Eve ROCKED MY SOCKS!
It was a fun fight, and I even Frapps'd it (I think with Vent intact too? I can't remember) and I'm planning on making a video. In fact, lemme go checks it now. OMG, 38 gigs of videos, my computer hates me.

Anywho, the fight itself was just so easy to heal in the gear our group was sporting. I took the opportunity to practice DPSing ^.^ Because in the next patch, all that +heal is going to amount to some spell hurt! /cheer
The rings he dropped were pretty spiffy for some one just reaching 70, but alas, none of them we're really all that cool for me. I saw the Squashling drop twice (Damn you Fulgor/D!) and I saw the cloth hat drop a lot, and I even won it on Giddg.
But the bane of my HHM existence:

The Horseman's Helm

That is AC's Raid Leader of Awesome, Celliana. And after running HHM... so... many... times. WE GOT IT!
/orgasmic Celli-bration

I was very happy. He has Big Plans for that helm and certain raid videos to come. But still... every half minute... The Laugh of Eeeeeeevil! Cool hat, cool laugh, damn plate wearer's get all the fun.... /mutterstoopidclothpumpkinheadmutter

Our OT Eska and even D's alt Tsuya allso are sporting Mr. HHM's ... er, head, but either way, still a cool thing. Damn, D made out like a bandit this Hallow's Eve.

So, other than spending my time in HHM, what else has this priesty been up too, you ponder? I mean, I haven't updated this thing... um, in like half a month (ouch), what could I possibly be doing that's so uber as to miss this!

Not much, really. T.T

Though I have been leveling my baby shadow priesty. Rakzha's 37 now, sporting her Illusionary Rod, rocking out with Mind Flay, Silence, and a few other shadow things that I'll probably get into later. By the way, a slight tangent into tailoring:

Black Mageweave Pants and Vest make a hot combo.

But they're level 36 gear.

Let's move up the tailoring tree to circa tailoring lvl 275, to something you can't wear until you're in you are 50:

The Wizardweave Leggings.

... Yea. No wonder wizards wear robes. And don't get laid. /shudder

But hey, at least you know, you have the train wreck in your future.

You know what I'm talking about.

I hate those pants. My spacegoat shadow priest will find something to wear that will hide those fugly things. Rest assured! Oh and I had to nab the screen shot from Wowhead.com because I erased all known existence of said pants from my screenshot archive.

I tried. :P

Now, what's in store for teh Squeakie? Other than more rambling posts like this (and if you survived this long, Hallelujah to you! I'm beat!) I must make a confession.

Well, it's more like an experiment. You know, those things you'd do when you were like ten... er wait, no, not that.

A guildie of mine has kinda burnt out of WoW, and has been playing over at EQ2. Now, the only other MMO experience I've ever had has been WoW with a 2 week precursor of Guild Wars. So I DL'd the trial version of the game that's supposed to be one of those... I dunno, old sckool icons of MMO's, just to try it out.

My first impressions? (deep breath)


Ahem. Ok, back to something more coherent. It's kinda fun. If a bit... well, weird. I love faeries, I like the idea of an more RP based game, and it seems at least on the surface, that it is. Though only being able to level ten blows. I was having oodles of fun Binding things with my warlock (which btw, caused Fio to scream UNINSTALL NOW! He's bitter about the indoor "root" ;P)

The tradeskill system is weeeeeeird. But fun. I mean, it's like you're in combat with the stove to cook... your frog leg. See, weird. But it shows promise. Is it enough to shell out the cash for it? Nah. Not right now. Too much time, fun and friends invested into WoW. WE're just starting to get to some of the fun stuff.

As I sit here and type, we're getting set to go take a serious look at Void Reaver. Yea, he's TK. But from what we've all read, he's really, really, really simple. We're gathering our Frost/Nature resist gear for the tanks to get ready for Hydros, and yea, we've only taken Gruul down twice, but many of our core is bored to tears with Kara. We need something fresh. We don't quite have the DPS for Maggy, and that's going to be an interesting fight anyway. The World Bosses require a bit more spur of the moment, "Hey, Khazzak is up, we've got 26 raiders on, let's get him!" type dealy. And after we get our taste of Void Reaver (aka Loot Reaver, since he's that simple) our Raid Leader of Justice wants to head over and try the Lurker Below. That's going to be fuuuuun. We (Celli, myself as Sashara and Kel) all took a jaunt through the death infested waters to fish up the Lurker, three man style. I suggest farting around like that for everyone. Makes good video filler. ^.^

Speaking of filler... this is going to be tough, typing a bunch of WoW stuff, day by day. Here's hoping it sticks to something vaguely priest like!

Oh and did I mention... raiding with TJ is teh shit? Oo

Toodles for now gang!

PS: I need to get some sort of word counter going. I'll work on it tomorrow. Oh, did I also mention I'm working on an hour's worth of sleep? Loot Reaver here I come! /sleep


(PS, PS - Yea, I'm like ... a couple hundred words short of my daily goal. In the words of Doom,

"Eat a d!ck."


Ratshag said...

50000 words? Pfft. Bugger that. You go have fun with it, and my contribution will be to reads them.

The Egotistical Priest said...

Woo, good luck!!

Post your word counts once a week here, and we'll keep you motivated! =]

Graham said...

I'll keep you motivated as well!


Doomilias said...

i need to trademark that phrase.

and it's iterations:

eat cox
eat dix
smoke some pole

Breana said...

Good luck! Like Ego suggested post it up! You are not alone in your madness :P

Karla said...

OMG my poor little shadow priest (who just hit 70 on Thursday night) is STILL wearing those godsawful purple and green pants... thank goodness she has the shadow thing to hide it. I'm desperately trying to get my tailoring up to 360 to make the Imbued Netherweave Robe to hold me over and hide them until I have the shadowcloth made to make the Frozen Shadoweave Robe. I think my mage is still wearing them as well, and I can't stand looking at them anymore.

Ratshag said...

You Alliance types can be so delicate sometimes for folks what won all the wars and everything. Try hanging with a troll mage and a forsaken warlock wearin' those green and purple pants. THAT'll make yer eyes bleed.

Kailen said...

I'm doing that too! :)

Good luck!

(I'm at almost 1800 words after one night. :D )

Apathy said...

I attempted to do this last November.

That was when I started playing WoW.

You should be able to figure out the rest. :P

Dick said...

why do I have to be eaten?