What is the Squeakie Listening too?

After looking at TJ's post about music... I must confess. My Pandora looks nothing like hers.

In fact, doesn't look much like Doom's either (he hasn't posted yet /huff)

Nor does it look much like Fio's. Though, we do have some similar tastes.

During Raid, I usually don't have any music playing, especially if it's brand new content. That's usually because I'm too busy concentrating on raid, and everything that's going on.

But after raid, what does teh Squeakie need to calm her jets or just relax with?

A few things:

Dead Can Dance

Those figure high up on my list of stuff to listen to when I feel like just... chillin'. Though I do admit, I'm not too happy with some of the new Tool, and Perfect Circle, while nifty, does fit nicely, since it's a much calmer Tool.

Oh, wondering about that Gladiator pic? Lisa Gerard, one of the lead singers in Dead Can Dance, did a lot of the vocals for that movie's soundtrack. I didn't know about DCD until I met Fio, but OMG. Just.... awesome music.

Now, the Pandora thing. I used to use Launchcast for all my music wants, but the commercials were annoying (when I worked for Hell, I paid, so I had something to listen to as I lost brain cells) and it has been a bit of a chore to keep updated. My music tastes change a lot, or at least what I feel like listening to. That and I would run out of skips... which is just... foul. It's still a nice place to go and listen to all the funny stuff (my comedian channel is still rockin') and it was nice to see them get tons more music (obscure things like Type O Negative and Voltaire) but Pandora is rocking my socks.

I guess it has some sort of thing with this Music Genome Project of theirs, but you basically add a band, and they'll play it, and then they'll start playing things similar to it. Not just in like "category" but by sound, instruments, vocals, length of song, pace, etc. It's really nifty. I'm still experimenting with it.

What do I listen too during instances, heroic or otherwise? Iffn' in a hyper mood...

Mindless Self Indulgence (thanks to Eska ;P)
J-Pop (varity of stuff)
They Might Be Giants
Jethro Tull
No Doubt
Voltaire (You HAVE to hear his Star Trek Spoofs... to die for)

... crude... just really, way to much stuff to list, but that's the jist.

My music choice is definitely out there... but there are few if any "new" bands I like. It takes a bit of time for me to hop onto the wagon (though admittedly, I like Panic at the Disco/The Killers and just LOVE Evanescence when I feel like being all emo).

(Tangent warning: This is just... really nifty. Bravo XD)

Right, where was I? Oh, music. But yea. Most of the time I'm WoWing... not much for music. Unless I'm doing to the level grind. Then I kinda need it to keep myself sane.

Oh and I do leave the ingame music on, cause, well, I like it. Though it's turned down so I can hear MY music when I want to XD

So there joo have it.

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