Color me excited!

So, no Maggy last night BUT! We (as in AC) had our first foray into Serpent Shrine Cavern, and let me tell you, I'm teh UBAH excited!

Our goal was to start the learning pains of the Luker Below fight.

This is a fun fight. ZOMG.

From what I heard from some of our old fart 40 man raiders, it's reminiscent of the Ragnaros fight, but I wouldn't have a clue about that. During the first part of the fight, you get to just beat up the Big Fish while the Melee fighters get all whirled around and all the range laugh maniacally with Kings on because they can't technically aggro the Lurker.

That is until they get a geyser up in their face. But then! You have to jump below the water line and take a few seconds of Scalding hot water damage as the Fish spews forth a jet of water that does retarded amounts of damage if you get caught.

That's just the first part. The second part is when he submerges, and then adds come out and try to stop us from killing the Fish. They are easily squishable, but watch out for the Guardians, for they will one shot anything not Plate. After a minute, the Fish comes back, Spouts the raid, and then we resume the killing.

No, we didn't get to kill him our first time in, simply because we had to take most of the time getting the timing right on killing adds and jumping under water... our best shot was our last attempt, but unfortunately, once trash respawns, the water goes from Scalding hot to FISH OF DEATH. We wiped due to mass Parana overload. Still though, we spanked the trash in there, and I'm VERY excited to start doing SSC in our raid roster.

Now, you might be wondering, "Wait, didn't she just say they were starting Void Reaver/Maggy?" Yes, we did take a few jaunts into those place, but so far, SSC has been the most fun, and it's very, very doable for us at this point. So, Sundays, ZA shumshing, bring on the SSC!

And I'd have more to say, but I'm at work XD


pelides said...

The key to the lurker fight is mages... lots of sheeped adds. Sheep the hunter adds, kill the melee adds. You win.

Euripedes said...

You do not have to be submerged to avoid taking Spout damage, you simply cannot be airborne (do NOT jump), and cannot be touching the platforms.
You can keep rigt on casting during Spout.