Ah well, there's always next year.

As the title says, me thinks NaNo and NaBlo have slipped my grasp this year. Blarg.


I'm finding that my posting was going to crap, so time to do a little revamp. I'm way behind in updating some of my links, so many new bloggers I want to link to (<3Ratshag) as well as some people who've moved (*grumble* twice now... *grumble*)

I've got a hankerin' to do post about Gruuls. We've gotten the Lair down pat now, to the point where we're killing him sooner and soon. Much fun. And don't make me use the dreaded... word. I dislike it, because it makes me feel like it's become a chore, er something.

Zul'Aman has been a really fun experience. I went in there with a big head thinking, hell, we could probably get to Zul'jin the first night... and then had a pleasent azzkicking from one side of the bear boss to another. He whooped us good. But that's fine. So far, we've gotten Bear, Eagle and Lynx down and still having issues with the Dragonhawk, but we got really close this past Sunday.

With the holiday this past week (and I hope everyone had a great Turkey day, I know I did ^.^) we didn't get any 25 mans done, but we filled it with Kara pugs and ZA learning pains. All is good.

Well, except for one thing. Maybe a few, but here's the thing I'm going to talk about.

My survivability right now blows.

Totally, completely blows.


I'm dying a lot in ZA. My HP are low. Unbuffed, I was at 6.7K. Other clothies were kicking my butt, even the Shadow PeW PeW priesty. WTF. So, after some gear comparisons, I've decided that while my PMC set has served me well, it's time to start bidding on Tier gear. I've been avoiding it for so long because others could use it more than I could. But I'm starting to see that while the PMC/Whitemend set is fan-fucking-tastic for Kara, it's lack of base stats (and TOTAL lack of stamina on the PMC) is killing me, literally.

Going to hop over to Kirk's to see what he has to say about it (unless he responds here, in which case <3) but other wise, last night I got my tier 4 shoulders. I got a belt with some stamina (Cord of Sanctification)...


Time to get in your laugh at teh Squeaker. So I log in to DE some things for a guildie. Not a problem for me really, I'm always willing to help and I had done it before for them. Well, you see, they sent me a bunch of Runecloth belts and some Netherweave boots to DE. Not a problem, right? It's funny (not) but did you know that the icon for the Runecloth belt and the Cord of Sanctification ARE THE SAME DAMN THING?!

Yea. I looked up, saw I had a VOID CRYSTAL... and panic ensued.
I just DE'd my purple belt from HEROIC DURNHOLD. SHOOT ME NOW. >.<

But I was lucky to get an awesome GameMaster to help me out. He restored it. Destroyed the Void on the spot to show him that I really, truly, just wanted my belt back. Disaster averted. Lesson learned. I will pay closer attention to what I'm DEing...

Anywho, tangent aside, I was able to raise my HP a few 100. Still not pleased, but I guess I'll live. The biggest upgrade in stamina would be my Chest, but that means killing Maggy. He's scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm excited and a bit worried. One of our most awesome of guildies had her subscription run out, and she's spot out of luck on getting it back for a least a month or two, and she was one of our warlocks. So we're low ballin' Maggy again. We will have Teh Awesome that is TJ, so hilarity will ensure, I'm sure.

By the way, I don't think I mentioned it, but DPSing in Gruul's was SO MUCH FUN.

PLEASE DON'T NERF MEH! I'm having fun pwning face with holy justice! :P

Oh, and another thing. Thanks Ego for answering my question on Roleplaying. I feels all special that I got a post from the Ego. /cheer

Ok, time to refresh blog face...


Ratshag said...

Less than three you too, Squeakie.

Lucks getting yer new chest from Maggy.

Csilla, Feathermoon US said...

Still following your rantings to get my weekly dose of priestly nonsense. Squee!

Concerning the use of Tier sets versus the crafted sets, I made my choice a long time ago and stuck to my guns. Though the bonus healing of the crafted sets are wonderful and the Tier 4 set bouses suck, the stamina on the Tier 4 pieces are an absolute must in raid progression and are worth the reduction in bonus healing. You guys seem like a strong raiding group and you're doing awesome in Gruul's and Karazhan (not to mention Zul'Aman!), but I found that as I reached Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep that survivability became my number one priority (other than mana-efficient, effective healing *flexes*). The number quoted to me a while back (and one that I have yet to reach, even though I am raiding those Tier 5 instances) is 8,000 - each member of the raid should have that much health unbuffed in order to survive the splash damage that runs rampant through those raids.

In my opinion, Zul'Aman probably comes somewhat close to SSC and TK in the requirement for base unbuffed health. Many of those fights have frequent splash damage (Akil'zon has those eagles and Static Disruption, while Halazzi has that dreaded Corrupted Lightning Totem), which make it very difficult for a healer without sufficient base health to make it through those fights even when she is not being hit by the boss! Not unless you're willing to have your other healers spam heal through that damage, which subsequently reduces healing efficiency and the likelihood of time outside of 5SR. Even as a healing hybrid priest with three points in Meditation and stacked for mana regen, that thought makes me cry.

The crafted sets are wonderful pieces of armor that are good for going into Tier 4 raids and being more-than-adequately geared. You can - and some people do - continue to use them through those raids and pass on those Tier 4 tokens week after week, but there will probably come a time when you need to deviate from that. Or you could always choose to instead stack your gear with health and stamina enchants, but they could take slots that I'd rather reserve for better enchants.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to have maybe a little more insight into my preferred class and spec. As my guild's only regular healing priest, I suffer from periods of non-priestly discussion and sometimes you need to scratch that itch. I do have a request, however, if that doesn't seem too forward of me: with the changes in 2.3 to Meditation and the overwhelming prevalence of spirit in priestly healing gear (such as that delightful Earring of Soulful Meditation I snagged out of SSC a couple of weeks back), what are your opinions on spirit and - more importantly - stacking spirit? When I got that trinket, I thought that I'd have to fight tooth and nail against the Holy priest in our raid to get it, but she passed on it without considering the implications of the added spirit. Having recently picked up Inner Focus, I now use that to leave the 5SR and enjoy up to 700 MP5 fully buffed (when coupled with timely procs on my Masquerade Gown).

BRK said...

Wait a d@mn minute... you were DPS'ing in Gruul's?

Put those daggers back in the bank where they belong, squishy!

New Rule for Raiding: no healing squishy shall be allowed to have melee weapons, even if they blow DKP on them.

/zealous outrage and <3, BRK

Anonymous said...

HUGE stam upgrade with one item = Arena season 2 or 3 chestpiece.