SSC Awesomeness

Yup, as you've prolly heard, over and over again, Aetherial Circle 1 : Serpentshrine Cavern 0!

Well, at least for now ;)

Here's the kill vid, on Younoob for now, but I'm looking into throwing it up on Filefront or Warcraftmovies.com er something.

Color me excited ^.^

Srsly, it was such a fun fight. We would have had him last week if it wasn't for the damn fish.

Tonight, I take a break from raiding. I've been at it non stop since Saturday, and I needs me a break! Tomorrow too, but I'll be back at it with Cay on Saturday to (hopefully) get my tier4 hat, since OH! Yea, one of the drops in SSC last night?
Belt of the Long Road pattern = mine

Now I can like, bid on those Nether Vortex's. Wewtness ^.^

Ok, this good cheer of mine is much needed, 'specially since our previous two days had been total train wrecks. Murphy ran crazy stupid on our Gruul's run Monday. It was so bad, we didn't get him that night (though Maulgar bit it hard, he's always bent over since we first laid eyes on him, the slut ;P)
Tuesday night in Zul'Aman wasn't much better. We killed the Bear boss in under 20 minutes for the second time, attempted to go for the Eagle in the time frame but wiped mid way through the gauntlet. So we skipped Eagle and went straight for our Nemisis, that damn Dragonhawk.

We know the fight. We've gotten it down... we can do it. The game just won't let us.

But it's cool, we know and realize that it's a pretty decent gear check. Time to get more into SSC ^.^

I know this is kinda a hackney update, but it's here! And I'm really hungry, so I'm going to go gets some foodages. Makin' vid's is hungry work!

Oh! 'nother thing. I have the vid's from our Bear, Eagle and Lynx kills, but I'm going to do a bit of a colaberation vid on ZA, and I need the Dragonhawk kill before I post it. Plus, I'm experimenting/learning how to use Sony Vegas 8. Is Vegas 7 easier to figure out if you're not all rad with the media lingo? I dunno, but yea, I will be experimenting with that soon. ^.^

For now, FOOOOOD!


Valyre said...

Congratulations!!! And that's a really great healing belt. /jealous

twww said...

Congrats and great video!
One correction for your credits: 'Wet Dream' is by Kip Addotta although it was often played on the Dr. Demento Show.
http://www.kipaddotta.com/ for his official site :)

Ratshag said...

I loves the little intro video, with the three of ya fishing, and then Oops, we dead. It chuckled me.

Wraeth said...

Dragonhawk never seemed a gear check =/. Our guild has downed him repeatedly on 4 occassions now; we had him killed before we started Gruul's, so we're talking Karazhan gear only here.

No, we don't use a protection paladin either, that's cheating :P

He's by no means easy, but "better" gear did not cause us to kill him. Every time we kill him, he hits 35% and there are 0 eggs left. Get that egg killing team trained and his loot is all yours \o/. We use a mage, warlock and hunter to take the adds out, with a feral druid "tanking" them.

Hope to read about AC's 4th ZA kill soon ^.^

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