I love snow

So, as the title implies, fat falling flakes of precipitation is the only reason why I love living in the Northeast.

The crappy response by RI state officials non withstanding, I still love the snow. There's just something about it that makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again, outside sledding or rolling aorund in it, tosses snowballs at my brother/father and or making a snowy mess.

Like so:

Enjoy my masterpiece. He is Carlos, Man of ... horns?

Ok, so maybe not, but I had to toss something on him.

What does this have to do with WoW? Not a terrible amount really. But, suffice to say, WoW still goes, my guild of awesome is taking a raiding break for the holidays, we're pugging Karazhan on alts and anxiously awaiting the new year when we can really start working on progress in SSC. That place looks like tons of fun. Like seriously, oodles of it.

I'm going to be gone for the rest of the week visiting the parents in Ohio (yea, we're driving there, pray that the Snow waits until I'm off the road XD) and then driving back home to see Fio's parents on Christmas day. Granted, his parents live in the same state as us... but yea. I'm teh uber excited to see my family after not seeing my brother for ages and my parents since summer.

Priestings! Rakzha is now in Outland. Thank you Blizz for that 2.3 patch! I leveled Rak from 45 to 53 over the weekend and have been hashing out more and more levels since. Being on Raiding break also helps with the leveling of alts, but I always seem to find time. Since I barely remember when I leveled Cay, I'm hoping that my 242 shadow damage at lvl 58 with pwn many Azeroth quests. I took Rak at level 40 something to do all the new quests in Dustwallow Marsh, and seriously, Blizz is pushing hardcore for people to level, cause I breezed through on this toon. Also, I did decide to just go with the Shadoweave gear into the Felcloth gear and let me tell you, so much fun. I'm having minimal drink time (Yay spirit Tap!) and much shadow pwnage. (Sorry gang, if you're looking for math, I'm not a great person at it. To me, its all about feel).

I'm very excited to start getting Rak into some parties and totally noobing up my role as a mana battery. Soon, I'll be trolling places like Kirk's and Apathy's to see how best to make the most of my shadow'ing dmg and mana efficiency outputs. Though since Fio is better at math than me, he's helping me along too. Doesn't know too much about priests, but knows enough about offensive casters to help me along.

So, as of right now, with another Outland quest for her wand and maybe one or two more for XP, Rak will go back to places like Burning Steppes (which, she hasn't touched yet btw), EPL, Winterspring and Silithus. All these places are virgin questing territory to her, and I like to finish up as much as I can in Azeroth so that it 1) puts me at about 60 going into Hellfire and B) gives me more Outland quests I can finish for money at 70.

Btw, when she gets her tailoring up there, I've already got all the mats for her Frozen Shadoweave Set and the Battlecast Set.

I know, I'm a noob.

I have too many alts... T.T

(Warlocks are fun!)

Ok, time to pack for the trip, but first, finding all the links I'll need for this post, so people don't have to guess wtf I'm talking about...

Now I'm rambling... ZOMG LATER! <3


Xian said...

Best part about snow...

Naked Snow Angels


Ratshag said...

Huh. How's a nekkid angel different from a non-mekkid one?

Doogie said...

I did the same thing with my Hunter. Didn't bother with the PLs, but thanks to Blizz's ZOMG SUPER LEVELLING, I was 47% of the way to Level 61 by the time I stepped through the Starga...er, Dark Portal, just off the Burning Steppes, Felwood, Winterspring, and Silithus. Okay, and that one quest in the Blasted Lands with the invincible guys. (I wasn't sticking around for the second quest chain.)

Lance said...

OK my wife loves the snow so much that she bought a car in Bliazzard Pearl and got a personalized License plate that says IWNTSNO. oh and by the way we live in Phoenix as of Currently.

Sonvar said...

Well with how weather has been this month in Ohio its hard to say what you might get coming through. Hopefully, the trip isn't too bad though. From my understanding you'll be meeting up with TJ in ole PA on the way back I'd say harass her for all its worth for chain smoking instead of doing stuff with her family. Safe journeys Cay.

Anonymous said...

which part of ohio-land? you may come near me

Euripedes said...

Who is that adam brown guy?

He's posting that abs diet everywhere...

Keylogger, imo.

@ Ratshag...

It's colder.

Stephi said...

Xian - Did you know... snow actually feels really soft? ^.^

Ratty - Trust me, it's different. You get a better impression nekkid.

Doogie - As of now... I said screw Silithus XD I love the Outland quests. SO MUCH FUN!

Lance - Hahahahaha sucker. No srsly though: snow > everything
Scientific fact <.<

Sonvar - Thanks for the well wishes, meeting TJ was teh bomb. And the weather was perfect for 10 hour drives. It was awesome ^.^

Anon - Cambridge

Euripedes - He's gone now ^.^