OK, you're right it's later..

What have I been doing?

Other than rockin' out with my Giddglet and her new Rolfcopter?

700 spell damage.

In my healing gear.

They're going to freakin' nerf it. I know it.

But I'm enjoying every bloomin' minute while I can!

I can actually damage things in less than a minute! I dueled our Raid leader of awesome before we tried out ZA, AND WON! (Ok, yea, he's prot, but he's in plate, usually just giggled while I tickle him for three to six hundred dmg a spell).

They're going to nerf it, wait and see.

I haven't been able to play too much with the new fear ward mechanics, so that will have to wait. As for the Chastise spell... well, the stun on it is laughable. It never lasts. It's a 2 second stun, and you have to stand still to cast it. Pally's get Hammer of Justice, instant cast can be done on the run. Chastise so far hasn't stunned my opponent long enough for me to move out of melee. And the dmg it does it meh. I dunno, I might go into a battleground or arena to really test it out. I've got a bunch of badges, I can gets me some PvP gear that way.

Zul'Aman: Brutal. Freakin' Brutal. But I'm so glad to be doing something new with the gang. The trash leading up to Nalorakk was easy, the adds he throws at you can get a bit hairy, especially that last group with the guys mounted on bears. They do this scream that increases the dmg people take by 25%. The tanks had to separate a bit or else they'd get both screams (yea, it stacks) and then get munched.

Nalorakk hits like Nightbane. We'll need at least 3 healers for him, we went in with two. I'm looking forward to pwning his face on Sunday.


On Monday, AC did something so incredibly awesome, I was speechless (ok, for all of five seconds). We one shot Gruul's Lair. High King Maulgar (3 mins 59 seconds). Gruul (6 mins someodd seconds.) Dead, dead. So we mosie'd on over to Maggys. We were going to be going there any way on Wednesday, but we figured, hell, it's 930. Let's try it! So we did. The trash pulls took some getting used too. And we only had 3 warlocks with us. On our first try, we going 3 of the adds down, then had to call it a night. But not bad for our very first try ^.^

Wednesday rolls around, we got our tanks, got our heals... but again, short on locks. We've got 4 raiding locks and 1 couldn't make it, so we were going in at a pretty harsh handicap (at least according to all the strats out there.) But we were going to try it anyway (we be stubborn SoBs.)

83% was our best short. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out cube clickers. People would die early too, things like that. One thing it did make me think was whether or not I should try Circle of Healing. I'm the only raiding priest at the moment with Divine Spirit buff, and that's more of a benefit to the raid. We had two shammy's with us healing them. Need moar locks. T.T

But, we're planning on going back this Monday, after Gruuls (barring we have the time). Sunday is another shot at Zul'Aman, and I'm looking forward to that ^.^

That's it for now, more later, since I'm hoping (though it's probably not likely) to get some baby priesty love tonight. I want to check out the new quest hub in Dustwallow and she needs her elephant!


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Dick said...

Mag is way too easy. The hardest part is getting the channeler's down. Looks like yall got passed that part. The cube clicks rely on people paying attention or being told when to click. There is an addon that our RL uses that assigns cube click teams and positions and then sends raid warnings and puts symbols above the heads of the people that need to click.

Get that down and your home free. Just remember to stop dots at 35%, stop DPS at 32%, wait for blast nova and then burn him to 29% to activate the mass cave in and you will be good to go. Yall have the dps to rock his world, just execute and move on to hydros.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Our guild have got maggy on farm now, he's easy once you figure it out. Get the channellers down quick then its plain sailing till 30% then it gets tougher for a bit.

We have a nice system that works for clickers. We have 3 clickers assigned to each cube.
Clicker 1, Clicker 2, and a Backup clicker in case 1 or 2 dont make it to the cube intime or are dead.

Somehow i always manage to get selected to click! i'm always really nervous about doing it!!

Just keep at it! You'll get him in the end!!