Do it, please

What the hell was I thinking?

This new job sucks.

Not because I have this adverse thing to work or anything, I don't really.

But there's no organization. There's no cooperation. The manager is a total territorial bitch. The job itself, while easy, is boring, but I can deal with that. The people suck. And the company training programs? HOW DO THESE PLACES STAY IN BUSINESS?! SERIOUSLY! /huff

It's so bad I can't even think WoW thoughts at work, because I'm in fear for my life anytime I step into the back rooms. Surprise ninjas or a mouse might knock over the 300 lbs of clothing onto my head, crushing me without so much a peep.

I'm not sure I'm going to survive. I'm looking again. I'm going to chalk up my decision to seriously fill out an application at a department store during holiday season as a temporary act of insanity.

And I got distracted mid post... I'm a freakin' genius.

Playing Moon for now...

That's it for today... I think... yup... distracted again.


Ratshag said...

"Shoot him now! Shoot him now!"
"You keep out of this. He doesn't have to shoot you now."
"He does SO have to shoot me now! I demand that you shoot me now!"

Pronoun trouble. Benefits of a classical educationizing.

Doogie said...

Retail jobs = dog shit.

End of discussion.

My sympathies, Cay.