Oh hello world

OMG. Sleepy.

I got home from work, intending to type up today's post, fiddled on WoW for a bit, had some more mashed potatoe/pot pie (OMG HEAVEN) and then I remember... nothing.

I don't even remember Fio coming home. This is me when I'm really sleepy. A nuke could detonate in Boston and I'd not wake up until Fio tossed me out of bed er something.

Anwho, since I passed out, I don't remember what exactly I was going to post. T.T But it's ok, I can fudge it.

Besides, TJ has made some fun suggestions for the Jackels (NaBloPoMo ftw)...

Distracted... shiny... gah. Train of thought. Lost.

I will say it's good to see Teh Diet Coke of Evil again. She's back and putting Kitty in his place! /dance

Hehe. Ummm... shoooooooot, I wanted to type something relevent to game, but this is ending up being a bunch of garble!

No Kara for the Cay-ster tonight. The lowbie raiders are in with Fio, hopefully getting some phat loots so they can join us in Gruuls and beyond.

ZA is confirmed for the 13th? Oh joygasm. I's looking forward to something new. Not a whole lot it looks like for loot in there for us clothie healy types, and I'll write about that soon too. (I know, I'm a little late into looking at the gear offered there, but gear is second, more like third to why I raid).

Mew. Going to stop now. Wake me up when its over, K?


TJ said...

Thank goodness for the no Kara-ing. I really meant to just take a brief nap...


/5 hours later

Uh... you guys didn't make it to Curator, right?


/re-enter coma

Ozma Teh DCoE said...

I'm in your blog...Reading your post >:D