Fun Stuff

Hello again boys and goyles! It's been a fun week for teh Squeekie ^.^

AC's group 2 took out Nightbane on Monday (yay!) while, as Brig and Tred have ranted about, group 1 got cock blocked at Prince.

But we both got past Aran, and there's another 2 groups scheduled this week! Wewt! We're 12 out of 13! (Oh group 2 got the Oz event for the first time too!)

"Great, now where's mah damn video?!" you ask. Hold yer damn horsies ;P

Nightbane - Younoob link or Download the actual Vid (for those of you at work)

Oz - Younoob linkage or Download the vid!

I will say this, the quality is much better if you DL the vid instead of youtube. I can't get youtube to keep most of the quality so it gets really grainy. But I'm still using Window Movie Maker. Premier.... is very confusing.

And now.... On with todays actual post!


Dick said...

Good work! I wasnt able to d/l the oz fight as work already blocked it by the time i was finished watching nightbane. Bah stupid air force.

Stephi said...

Man that stinks! They're really quick on that blocking eh?

Glad you got to see the Nightbane one at least! And thanks!

Fiordhraoi said...

Adaptive firewalls FTL!

Large amount of traffic (a large movie) from unknown IP = temporary ban on said IP.