Peek a Boo

So this is a bit of a silly post, but I figured I'd take a look at some of the quirky priestly spells today. We get a few, starting with Mind Soothe, followed by Levitation and my favorite, Mind Vision.

Starting off with Mind Soothe:

In a nut shell, this is a nice spell if you need to scoot by some humanoids that you don't plan on clearing. (Or if you're trying to get at that herb/ore and really don't feel like fighting the mob patrolling near it.) If makes it so that ring of aggro the mob has centered on it is reduced by 10 yds, letting you get just a tad closer. It's got a level cap of 85, since there are still some ?? mobs even to 70s, though how many of them are not instances bosses, I don't know. They tend to be immune to stuff like this though, so it's kinda pointless to risk the aggro.
Oh yea, that's the draw back, the spell can fail, or be resisted. And then you get the fight you didn't want. Or an elite who's less than pleased with you if you're in an instance.
Quiet honestly, this is my least favorite of the three utility spells. I have yet to really find a good use for this spell. It's not on my bar any more, since I never use it. So yea, not a bad spell, there's no big bang to it.

On to Levitate!

Now here's a spell I use a lot and I have fun with it. ^.^
It's your Jesus spell! Walk on water! Accidentally dismounted way over Shattrath? Not a problem, just hit this spell, and you'll float back down to safety. It lasts a whole minute and a half longer than a mage's Soft Fall (which doesn't let you walk on water, I might add XD) but not as long as the shaman's water walk (10 mins). The only pain in the butt thing is you need to have a reagent for this spell. We get a grand total of three spells that need reagents. Our prayers of Fort and Spirit, and this one. It takes a Light feather for each cast, but that's not hard to get (specially if you're religiously running Setthek Halls Heroic daily, like I am.... ANZU's reins will be MINE!)

Ahem, right, anywho, this is a good OH SHIT I'M FALLING spell, as well as a cool way to get to Kara quicker ;) (I'll even post a video on that technique later.)
Other than that... it's just a cool novelty spell. Never had to use it for a fight since you fall to earth as soon as you get hit in combat, but none the less, very fun. Oh and as of last patch, instead of just looking like you're standing on an invisible ground, they added a nice little floaty look when you're just standing:

Nifty huh? ^.^

And last but most definately not least, Mind Vision!

This is SUCH a fun spell. Maybe I'm crazy, but I amused myself for hours outside of the Scryer bank, just randomly casting this spell. On alliance, on horde, doesn't matter. NO ONE'S SAFE! And hell, it's one hellava way to test drive that Netherdrake/Netherray mount you've been eying (or silently but forlornly pining for, since well, being holy, you won't get it quickly or easily /sigh)
But in a practical sense, I get a good bit of use out of this spell in Karazhan. Our Raid Leader hates marking the Shade Trash between the Curator's to Aran's room, because they stealth in and out of view, so he might prematurely pull them because he can't see them. So what I do is Mind Vision him, then once he's got something targeted, hit my assist key (in this case, the default 'F' key) and target the shade, then recast Mind Vision. Voila! I can now mark them at my leisure. The shade I'm using as my eyes can't stealth while I'm on it, so I can recast the spell in case it takes more than a minute to mark (which is shouldn't).
Also, this spell can be resisted, so just be prepared. Since we holy PvE'rs don't really need to concentrate on spell hit, it will probably come up... but I'm not going to say "ZOMG get new gear"... for this... one... spell.
But anywho! I love this spell. So fun. You can use it in many different situations just to get your target early. I have yet to test it on a rogue in PvP though, but then again, I really don't want to be a sitting duck for said rogue.... more to come on this though!

Edit: As Kirk oh so graciously reminded me, this spell does not cause NPC aggro. However, player aggro is very situational ^.^

So, if you're bored, Mind Vision yourself a Hordie today. Drives their addon's mad! :)

All in all, not a bad spread of utility spells, though I could always wish for something more. Like a holy one that lets you put the fear of the Light into your foes! It would look pretty, make stealth not possible... in a 5 yd area. Like an Elune stone of Justice!

Come on, it could happen ^.^



Dick said...

Some times the priest will mind vision one of our tanks cause she hates it. She says it makes her feel dirty, like they can read her thoughts.

Fiordhraoi said...

Note the range on Mind Vision.

50,000 yards.

Stand on top of a tall building/mountain/etc to extend your line of sight as far as possible, and you can even target party members across the zone as long as there's nothing in between you! :D

kirk said...

fiordhraoi, oh, it's worse than that. I don't need line of sight for MV2. As long as you're not in a different instance/continent (server), and you're within 50,000 yards, I can /target you and cast MV2.

I have used it to 'walk' through instances to see what they're like - layout of mobs, all the rest.

One thing our hostess forgot to mention -- the spell does not cause aggro.

Kestrel said...

Played around with Mind Control a bit tonight in Netherstorm. Here's a tip: Don't /dance while controlling. ;)

Matticus said...

I say this with utmost sincerity and seriousness. Always keep a stack of Light Feathers on you at all times. You never know when you need it. I was fishing up in Elemental Plateau when a Horde Hunter decided to get friendly with me. He lit off a scatter shot, and viper sting and had me running around for a while. I slowly made my way to the edge, stone formed, desperate prayer and jumped off the side while he could only watch as I seemingly fell off the side to Zangarmarsh below. Blew levitate about 10 yards above ground.

Whew, talk about your evasive maneuvers.

Tiv said...

Mind soothe is great for herbalists/miners. My priest is a flower picker and I prefer when possible to not waste time fighting guys standing too close to my herbs. One application of mind soothe and I can sidle up close and pick the herb free from interference. It's situational, sure, but when I can use it I'm happy.

Mind vision is great. Lately, I've been primarily using it for giving directions to lost guildies in Kara. Of course, it's also fun to just cast it on random people, since most are unfamiliar with the spell and will freak out when they see the debuff.

Stephi said...

@Dick- Hehee, best reason to use it. "I am taking your MIND! Ooooweeeoooo"

Yes! Forgot about that part, I'll add it tot-sweet.

And all in all guys, I just lurv Mind Vision.... MUWHAHAHA! I can see joo! And you dun know wherez I iz! O.O

@Kestrel -

Hehe, ya... solo, Mind Control... not so fun XD. Mind Vision... I have to find a good hiding spot!

@Matticus - That... by far... coolest getaway I've heard of EVA! +5 Spiffy points. I need to try that ^.^ (if I ever get the guts to PvP with Cayleigh, hehehe)

@Tiv - Hehe, hence my reason of needing to bug out some peoples mods. "ZOMG someone is Debuffing me in Shattrath! Hax!" ^.^

Mera said...

When you are attempting the ultimate CC, eye Mind Control in a pack of Mobs, soothe is useful to let you get in range without aggroing.

Eric said...

since you can see the names of the other team in a bg, you can target one of them before the gate opens, and then look around ... handy to know if they have a bunch of lowbies, handy to know they are zerging to LM

Anonymous said...

Mind Vision is very useful, PvE and PvP.

In Warsong Gulch, MV the enemy flag carrier who is hiding somewhere, and let your team know so you can get it back, capture and win. Note: flag possession is announced in the BG. In Arathi Basin, use MV on distant flag points/enemies to see where the enemy defenses are weak.

For PvE, I use MV for marking patrols in adjacent rooms, directing noobs running through an empty confusing instance (like Kara), or just exploring the parts of the instance you haven't been to yet. Note: you can MV hop by Mind Visioning the first target, selecting someone else from the new viewpoint, and recasting MV. You can do this over and over, progressing farther away.