Hrm... I have some other things to catch up on, eh?

As Ego so awesomely suggested, I've put my "Healing Karazhan" posts in a easy to find place link type box. However, it pointed out to me... that I'm missing bosses!

I haven't done Curator, Big Bad Wolf or Romulo and Julianne. I am ashamed. -.-

However! This means more yummy postage. Also! I've been busy with Rakzha lately, and I have some thoughts on leveling shadow to post soon. Because honestly... leveling Holy is ASKING FOR IT. Don't get me wrong, I <3 being your face mender, it's my calling, but there are two sides to the coin, and getting to the mending takes smelting some faces.

In other news, and semi petty rantish, so you can ignore it... but this just ticks me off. I orginally rolled Dwarf because it was the only race that had fear ward available.

Lo and behold, the xpac comes out, and BAM! Draenei get it. Ug. Well, Cay was already uber, I'm not going to start a brand new toon to level to 70 just because I like the look (even though that Symbol of Hope is pretty tempting...) but anyway... I could have had a pretty, schmexy looking priest, instead of stately. WTH. Now EVERYONE is going to get Fear ward? /head desk

And before any Hordies get their knickers in a twist, Shammy's have had Tremor totem since level... what, 8? It effects the whole party. Fear Ward has a 30 second cool down, so usually, only the tank got it. I know that's how we roll on Dragons.

So yea... ug. I know, the rumor is it won't be out for sometime, I have plenty of time to rebuild a schmexy priesty from the ground up... but still...


~rant off

TGIF people!


Melnayo said...

Well, now, there's something to be said for Fear Ward over Tremor Totem, and that's that the tank doesn't get feared in the first place. That may not sound terribly significant, but i give you this scenario. I'm a feral druid. When we fight Nightbane, the prot warrior is tanking him and i'm slightly behind him shredding his legs. I also serve as a tank in other situations, so i have the talent to resist stuns and fears 15% of the time. This means that, if the warrior misses his Berserker cue, he gets feared and i may very well resist it. If the tremor totem takes more than 0.5 seconds to restore the tank, Nightbane is probably going to turn around and turn me into creamed cat. I've seen how hard he hits me and i don't enjoy it.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I, on the other hand, couldn't be happier at the thought of maybe getting Fear Ward some day soon. Cause honestly, priest racials for humans... well, I won't use such words on my first visit to a blog but I'm sure you know what I mean. Feedback? Desperate Prayer? Come on! :D

Matticus said...

Agreed with melnayo. Having both a Dwarf Priest and a Dranei Shaman, I will almost flippantly pick fear ward over tremor totem. The totem does offer a few more advantages, but against fear specific bosses it is no contest.

Jona said...

This Tank supports FWFA (Fear Ward For All)!!!

The Egotistical Priest said...

Fear Ward needs to go to everyone. It's too crucial to too many battles for it to be completely missing from one faction, and choice-based for the other.

Although I totally understand your rant about the dwarves. Let's face it...the female dwarves are not pretty. There's maybe one or two faces that don't make the female dwarves look constipated, evil, or like an old, leathery hound dog.

It's not really fair that the one reason to choose that race is now getting nullified.

And I know this because the instant BC came out, I dropped my level 55 dwarf priestess and rerolled a drae.

Because I was able to force my friends to reroll with me, it was a fun releveling process, but the point you're at now, it's asking a lot to your guild for them to regear another priest just because she looks better.

IMHO, that's a perfectly acceptable reason, mind you. *winks*

And Symbol of Hope is SO sexy. I don't use it half as often as I should.

I would say, "If I were in your situation..." but I was. And I chose looks. As simple as that, I'd have chosen a drae even if they didn't have fear ward and symbol.

I dropped my first character because I couldn't stand the kodo mount.

I lose interest if I don't like the way my character looks. Shallow perhaps, but it's my $15. =]

Melnayo said...

Hey! What's that about kodos? Don't you appreciate the majestic, wild beauty...

Ah, who am i kidding? I hate kodos, too. I play a tauren druid, and i didn't buy a mount until i could get a frostwolf because of how unpleasant i find them.

Some of my guildmates call them dumptrucks, while others prefer to think of them as "4x4 fun".

The Egotistical Priest said...

In real life, I drive a compact car.

Kodos are the SuVs of the Warcraft World.

It would help if they were given some pretty skins. But no, all color choices were taken from a faded photo of grungy swampland.

To be fair, I hate the elekk mounts too - I always do the extra work to grind for a kitty mount.

But at the time, the tauren were unable to have any mount beyond the kodo. No amount of rep grinding would gain something less ungainly.

I am vastly amused by the ginormous tauren riding normal mounts though. I think I can pass under the belly of the talbuk with my horns barely grazing. And drae are TALL.