So, what the heck?

I've fallen off the blogger bandwagon in a big way. However, lemme explain -

Since I last updated, AC has downed Magtheridon, Hydross and Void Reaver. I missed the Void Reaver kill though, and I'm still working on the Maggy Video (though Hydross is out there.)

/serious hat
I missed the VR kill because in my life outside of WoW, Jas's grandmother died, and his father has been diagnosed with lung cancer. On top of that I had a really disappointing time at my first midwife appointment and we both came down with the flu. So, it's been a depressing February in the life and times of Teh Squeak.
/tosses serious hat out the window

So yea, I've a serious case of LoGaS* to go and write, but now I do. Fio's gran was a wonderful lady, she lived till 90, and died very fast. Something about a flesh eating bacteria, which, is weird to hear of outside an episode of House, but there you have it. We're still not sure how she got it, but Tuesday she went in for emergency surgery, Friday morning she was gone. It was my first time experiencing death of a family member close at hand. I mean, growing up, I didn't really know my own grandparents, they were thousands of miles away. My family is Mom, Dad, and my brother. Fio's family is all extended and on top of each other here in RI... so yea, the wake and funeral were an experience for me. But Jas's sister should have had her baby by now, and seeing a very pregnant sister in the face of the death of a family member, had a really awesome synergy to it. Death to life and all that.

Jas's dad's cancer though totally came out of left field. The man hasn't smoked since Jason was 3. It's been almost a quarter of a century since he last put butt to lips... so they're thinking it's one of those freak things. After the first bombshell of that news though, things seem to get better and better. It's large cell, which means it's not prone to spreading (at least easily), it's treatable and he's already started Chemo/Radiation therapy. So that's all good stuff.

Oh, and this past week was an epic fail. Jas and I were both awfully sick with whatever flu bug is going around. He got hit harder than I did, probably because of stress. But now I'm feeling tons better and ready to tackle all the crap we had to kinda put to the side in AC.

We've stalled a little bit, but we're pushing through. We lost our only pally tank, but one of our holy ones took up the job, so now we're in full blown recruitment mode for another Pally healer and a resto shammy too. We're getting back on track, and gonna hopefully be seeing a dead Leo, Fathom Lord, Tidewalker and Solarian this coming March. ^.^ I want to get my first gander of Lady Vashj before Apirl Fool's day ;p


Otherwise, since things have been so epicly crappy, I've taken the time to veg out and whoa... I got my horde pally to 63. She's probably going to be holy by the time I hit 70, but I'd love to try out prot.

Leveling is so ridiculously easy now that 2.3 has come out. I mean... they nerfed Princess for Chris'sake! Princess! Nerfed! Wtf?!

But I'll have to make that a separate post. I've got some things I wanted to link to that I don't have access to right now... so yea, something to look forward to ;)

Till I see you agains. Oh and I'll post the Hydross video very soon... it was slightly chaotic and goofy, but fun ^.^
*Lack of Give a Shit

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sonvar said...

Wow thats a lot to happen over that period. As far as cancer is concerned even if its treatable make sure they keep as close of an eye on it as possible. Both of my grandmas developed cancer and both were thought to be in remission and done but became active again a few months later leading to both of them dying. Sadly in the same year. I hope things go better for you.