So yea, despite the awesomeness that AC has achieved in the past month, February is totally Fired.

Why you may wonder?

On top of all the crapola that I divulged from my last post... Fio got laid off this Monday.



Anywho, on to something cooler, which is the awesomeness that is my guild.

We got Leo down for the first time on Monday (huzzah!) and although we didn't get him last night, that's ok, we got him to 3%! So yea, just need to perfect the technique. Also, I died on my inner demon... I wish there was a simulator or something so I could practice going from healbot mode to killer mode... it's not as easy as you may think. And I HAVE a DPS priest. So it's not like it's some foreign idea to me. But I guess it's getting out of the "I'm the Healer" into the "I'm the Healed" type mindset. People dread when I call out names during the Inner Demon phaze. Because I only call out healer names, which means they're busy killing their demon and can't heal the others fighting their demons or the Lock tank at the moment.

Anywho, I can't blab much, I'm at work and this might turn into a big ol' chunky weird type post, so I will do what I wanted to do and that POST VIDEOS!

The Hydross Vid - Youtube
The Maggy Vid - Filefront (it's big, 137MB)
The Leo Vid - Youtube



Ratshag said...

Well, crap. Getting layed-off sucks, even when it doesn't come on top of everything else y'all have been hit with.

F___ February, indeed.

Lovin' the videos, though, as always.

sonvar said...

Now is it a temporary or permanent layoff? I ask because my dad gets temporarily laid off at times because they don't have any work for him to do but its only normally a week or two once a year. Also because I've known other jobs that laid off people for a few months to just take them back afterwards.

Regardless, know that you can claim unemployment checks should you need. Not sure exactly what paperwork is involved but even if you don't need/want the money look into it.


I hope March brings up better times for you and gratz again on your downing of Leo. Now if only I could say my guild has at least conquered Kara. We probably could with our DPS and Healers but we have a short supply of well equiped tanks.

Csilla said...

Killing your inner demons as a healing priest is ridiculously easy, as I've found out in recent weeks. The thing to keep in mind is that they take increased damage from Holy, Arcane, and Nature spells while taking reduced damage from Fire and Shadow spells. In fact, the difference is so great that our Shadow priests will drop form to spam Smites.

My strategy is to immediately PW:Shield yourself, put a PW:Pain on the inner demon, and then spam Smite. There is absolutely nothing else that you should be doing. Don't stop to heal yourself frequently (the raid should have assigned raid healers to keep people alive during inner demons, though you can put a quick Renew on yourself or PoM if needed), don't use Mind Blast or any other Shadow-based attack, and keep in mind that Psychic Scream works on them as well if you need a quick reprieve. You don't want to be the person that the entire raid gleefully turns on to keep from further harming the raid.

Congratulations on the first Leo down!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about Fio's situation, but he's young and I'm sure he will bounce back soon enough. Also just a note to say that I'm a big fan of your blog and the other AC blogs as well. I admire your guild's organizaion and camaraderie and hope to see my guild reach similar heights :)

All the best! -Praxis

Stephi said...

@Ratty - Glad you enjoy them. I'm back in the groove for them, and I even have a VR vid in the making!

@Sonvar- No, this is pretty much a permanent type deal. The business he worked for had a lot of mortgage companies as clients and they went belly up, and the economy here in RI is just shit. So yea...

And I <3 AC's tanks. Best batch of guys(and gal) I know. ^.^

@Csilla - Actually, our third wack at Leo was last night and I killed my demons both times! I'm gonna post the strat that one of my priests told me, it works excellently, though for preview I PWS myself at the start of Demon Phase in case I need to refresh it again during my fight. But putting a pally in our group with Concentration aura has helped immensely. Smite, smite, smite, etc

@Praxis - Thanks for the well wishes ^.^ Yea, he should be able to bounce back soon, it's just... a blarg month.

Blarg I say! XD

Praxis said...

Oh my gosh, I just read your post prior to this one. You guys certainly have been through the wringer. My sincerest condolences to you and your extended family.

Also: kudos to you for your posts on Kara boss fight healing strategy. I play a shammy, not a priest... Nonetheless, posts like yours and ego-priest's have provided a lot of great reference points for wow healers of all classes across the universe.