Haha! Take That!

Rarg! AC finally got Doomwalker... and I MISSED IT! T.T

Basically, after pwning Gruul's, we all booked it over to Doomwalker in the Black Temple area. Bastard knew his time was up!

Our first attempt... I forgot to FRAPS, but we all wiped at 5% anywho...

Our second attempt we go him... but in MID HEAL... my game locked. Fio was already kissing gravel because our pally tank (Destroy of teh Uber AoE Taunt!) didn't really tick Doomwalker off to bad with his "HEY OVER HERE NEWB!" Splat goes Boomkin.

But yea. I relog into WoW, hearing all the action as it unfolds on vent... And as SOON as I log in... the ground disappears. My PC has won the Biggest Douche of the Year Award. And it's only January! /huff

So I restart the PC but not before I watch over Fio's shoulder AC take him down. Lots of people died, it wasn't a clean kill, but we did it.

Also, we happened to have a tiny bit of luck in that the second Alliance guild on Drenden finally killed Kael'thas, thus completing their Black Temple requirements, and they also happened to be doing their BT attunement when Doomwalker was at like... 20%? >.> Much love to the Insurrection people who went, Haha! and Pew Pew'd for justice (I think it was like 2 people XD and they died cause no one could see them to heal them.)

FYI, Drenden is really, really behind in raid progression. The first guild to clear Black Temple did so a day after Christmas? I think? I have to check forum boards again. But now another Alliance guild will start making with the tier 6 goodies, and the Hordies over in Heresiarch killed Kael yesterday, now they just need to nail Vashj and then we'll have some Hordies in Tier 6 epix. So fun times are a comin' ^.^

OH! And another thing! Brig got his resist gear back! So we're back on track in SSC again. We tried Tidewalker a few times... but he has this nasty tendency to make Celli get all squished. But from what I'm to understand... Tidewalker and up is SRS BIZNIZ in the raiding to come... so time to shoulder the yoke and press on.

So yea, there's a WoW update for you... something priestly coming soon.... I think. XD


Euripedes said...

Grats on Doomsmasher!

Y'know, sometimes its eerie how close together our two guilds are.

We downed Doomsmasher only a week before you did...

Trackhoof said...

Hey, at least your server's even GOTTEN to Black Temple.

Ravenholdt's nowhere close. :P

Euripedes said...

I know, isn't it eerie?

If you guys go after Leo tonight, I might cry, 'cause I'm pretty sure thats exactly what we're doing.

Doogie said...

Ditto Thorium Brotherhood. Our most-progressed guild only got Kael like a week ago. There's about a half-dozen others somewhere in the SSC/TK mire, a sprinkling in Gruul's, and then about a billion others somewhere in Kara.

Also, I know a couple of the people in Insurrection. One is a really cool guy, who recruited me into my original guild on TB. The other was a power-mad douche, and the reason why TB's Insurrection blew up. Both shall remain nameless. ;)

Evergreen said...

Love your blog. I wish you would write more.

Stephi said...

Evergreen, thanks for the comment, I wish I'd write more too sometimes.

Another fun post is coming. Though it's probably going to be my thoughts on the gear switch between "Ahhhhh holy healing" to "ZOMG PEWPEW MELTING FACE!"