1 F&^$K*#&$G PERCENT!

So, while waiting for patch 2.3.2 to install, I'm going to blog for a moment.

Last Wednesday, AC went in and Pwn'd Lurker, again. First raid of '08. Huzzah! Sunday was our schedule TK raid, our second foray into The Eye.... well, ok, no, it didn't go, the Raid Leader of Awesomesauce's ISP was epicly douchy and crapped out on him for a whole day. I had a small heart attack, since I KNEW he wouldn't miss raid and we couldn't get in touch with him... but that's just me. I'm prone to worry. Character flaw.

Anywho! So, we had a group go into Zul'Aman instead, and ate the Bear (though didn't make the 20 mins) and got Eagle Wings to go on our second shot.

Then there was yesterday. Monday is Gruul day. We started 15 mins late, but one shot the place and finished in record time. It was 9pm. Time for a World Boss? Sure! Doomwalker is up, let's go look at him!

15 mins to get there, explain the fight and in we go! Not quite sure who to heal when... but mid way through the fight, we got the rhythm down... 20% he enrages (crap I'm laggin', gotta shut off the vid, or else I'm going to lag out)... 15% and most of the DPS is dead... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck HOLY CRAP ONLY HEALERS ALIVE! QUICK! DPS DPS DPS!

Everyone dead... he's at 1%.

/epic fail

It was our first shot of the night, our second shot was fraught with Line of Sight issues. And our third, we had started tossing in too many new people... We had to call it then, since it was 11 and people had to go.

But that first try is haunting us now.

1%. He was down to like 18K HP er something.

He's already dead. He just doesn't know it yet. /seethe


~Jamie said...

oh I FEEL you! I have So been there! Vashj to one percent, Zul 'Jin to one percent... What a mess that is!

Glad to hear you killed him!

Cheetara said...

BAH could I hate one percent more? The answer is NO. We are the KINGS of one percent. It sucks soooo much!