The DragonSlayer has been Slain!

Commence celebration! /dance

So yea, as Kitty has probably made clear, AC took out Gruul on Monday. Skin of our freakin' TEETH! At 3% We had our 5 rogues Evasion tanking since all three tanks were down. It was a big rush. ^.^

I have a vid up on Youtube, but sorry working people. I've realized a bit late that by linking the uploadable version to my website (also our guilds site) I'm close to going over my bandwidth usage T.T

So will have to deal with crappy Youtube until I can find a place to put the 64MB file. Any suggestions?

My initial thoughts on Gruul... well, our group make up was as follows: 3 tanks (MT, OT/Hurtful strike soaker and 3rd Oh SHIT tank), 6 healers (pretty much who ever we could get to log in) consisting of myself and another holy priest /cheer, 2 pallies, a shammy and a tree, and the rest DPS (tons of rogues, a smattering of casters and hunters).

Now, all you Gruul's vets are probably having heart attacks over the numerous melee guys. Well, couldn't be helped, unfortunately. But our rogues did a super job. We had very little in Shatter casualties once some of the new people to the fight got used to it, and Cave ins on the melee were rough... but having 6 healers there (with a pally dps/Off healing) helps.

But yea, back to my initial thoughts: I think the next time I go, I'm going to equip my DPS staff for the first part of the fight. If you see the video, there are many things I had to cut out for length, but I was Wanding/Smiting/Mind Blasting initially in the fight. The two pallie healers and the Tree were assigned to the tanks, with the Shammy, myself and Val spot healing the raid. So initially, Snow, Val and I didn't have much to do other than DPS. Which is where I noticed... damn it, I'm getting resisted a lot! T.T So yea, going to try that next time. It probably will be such a small contribution as to not matter, but I'm going to try anyway (stubborn, moi?)

I could really afford to cast DPS there too. Since the 5SR and I were getting lots of action together, well, mana wasn't an issue. I'm kinda relieved there, too. I thought Mana was going to be my biggest prob. Thankfully, it isn't. I am, however, sorely missing not having any +hit... /grumble...

Oh and our illustrious Raid Leader is jealous of my Ground Slam hiding nook. I luff's it. I don't get tossed half way across the screen ^.^

So yea, this is a little mini summary of my advice on Gruul. I'll post soon on a healing guide to King Maulgar soon, but first, something I've been inspired to write due to my husband of the Boom. Oh and a revised Addon post is upcoming. I've got some new ones since the 2.2 patch.


Anonymous said...

Nice touch with the "I remembered" on the final credits, especially when this time you forgot to mention another player! Yep, I double-checked and one of the persons in the WWS reports is not credited there! :)

I'll give you a hint: starts with "D"... :)

Stephi said...

I know /sob

I forgot Destroyerllx!

He chastised me in game already... I tried so hard remembering everyone... and I go and forget someone T.T

Anonymous said...

Just tell him you have this dysfunction of randomly forgetting to credit players whose char stars with a "D": won't make him forget it, but he may give a laugh or two and "punish" you a bit less! :)

Kelektra said...

I so happy for youz guyz!

Airalene the Aggro Queen of Kul Tiras said...

I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now (fiance is a hunter, loves BFK and is a multiple times a day reader so I was bound to get hooked on you and EgoPriest lol) and I finally said ok I must post, the Gruuls video rocked! I have a 70 mage main and recently hit 70 on my hybrid priest and there having me heal Kara this weekend (ughs thank god for blogs like yours) and eventually someday we do hope to get our guild to AC's glory! Ok so getting to the point, slowly, thanks for the blog and pleaseeeeeee keep going!