Sex = Good Start to Day

Got your attention? Good.

Today friends, we take a look at my favorite spell since 68.

Prayer of Mending, also know as the "Frisbee" (Thank you Ego).

Let me start off by saying I actually didn't start using the Frisbee right away.
It was new, it was weird, and I was still a nooblet using Flash Heal, so I couldn't appreciate the awesome power that is the Frisbee.

Let's take a look at the tool tip:

Places a spell on the target that heals them for 800 the next time they take damage. When the heal occurs, Prayer of Mending jumps to a raid member within 20 yards. Jumps up to 5 times and lasts 30 sec after each jump.

See that? Raid member. Yummy.

A few cool, nifty things about the Frisbee:

- It's low mana cost with high healing return value
- Nice way to manage AOE dmg on melee
- Whoever is healed by the Frisbee, gets the aggro. That's right, you gain no healing aggro.
It can last up to 2.5 mins, bonus!

-You have no control where it goes

I think 4 : 1 is a good ratio, don't you?

But after running many a 70 instance and the occasional Heroic, I can say that the Frisbee is an essential spell to have.

You're first spell every time should be to toss that Frisbee to the tank, right before he pulls. The first hit he takes, oh look, it's gone AND he's got healing aggro. Not you, the tank. A nice little aggro boost. It's great that you can help get the mobs pissed off at your meat shield and not your squishi self.

Most likely, after your tank has gotten his 1st hit, the Frisbee will either jump to a random person, OR, it jumps to the next person with the lesser % health. This can be a bonus or an annoyance. If your 'Lock is killing them selves for mana again, and you have no other melee up in the mobs face, the Frisbee likes to give said Lock some love. But Lock's sucking the life out of themselves for mana doesn't proc it's healing ability, so blarg.

This is why having something like MendWatch or Natur EnemyCastBar is essential. You need to know where the Frisbee went. If it's just sitting there chillin' out on the ranged caster who's doing good and NOT getting any aggro, then you'll want to recast it on the tank to give him/her some more aggro/healin' love.

Oh and nifty trick I saw a Shadow Priest do once: If you have Frisbee and Fade's up, toss a quick Shadow Word: DEATH onto the mob. The Frisbee will heal you of that, and if you have a good tank, then you're little DPS heal shouldn't cause too much of a tiff.

EDIT: Thank you Malva, it's good to know that the Fribee does not in fact stack when you have two holys playing with the group.

A note on how much it heals: The tip says base of 800. At a +healing of around 1700, my Frisbee smacks some one for a little over 1600. That's at most 8000 Healing for 390 mana... YES PLEASE! Math people, you do the math on this one.

And that my friends, is the Frisbee. Learn it. Love it. Have fun with it.

But most of all... PLAY IT!

Oh and just because I thought it was funny, the frisbee in the picture above come from here...



The Egotistical Priest said...

That image is extremely disturbing.

But horray for Frisbee!

I, too, felt awkward and uncomfortable when I first got the frisbee spell - I didn't see a use for it and thought it was silly and unmanageable.

Ah, youth.

BRK said...

That's a green frisbie? We were sure it was a...

On second thought, we'll keep that a secret.

Mera said...

Tbh BRK, I thought it was a courgette too.

Dick said...

Sex is a good start to the day. Your lock should not be within 20 yards of the mob being tanked. In almost 99% of situations, you can get at max range. Tell your lock to back the F up. I rarely life tap anymore, especially in mana intensive fights. Plus it helps that I am affliction spec'd so I last much longer now.

The Egotistical Priest said...

*laughs* Yes, based on the image above, I thought it was...erm...more cucumber in nature.

It's not my fault, it was the title!!

That's an instant /target mind /cast GutterThoughts title, right there.

Malva said...

Another priest and I tried to each put PoM on the tank before a pull, didn't work. Only one stayed on. So that's that for stacking PoM.

Also, I use PrayerofmendingTracker I think it's called and it doesn't make the difference between my PoM and another priest's PoM. Do any other addon only track your own?

Stephi said...

Ok, on second thought.... it does look like a floating cucumber.


Tells you what my morning was like ... ^.^

@Malva - Good to know! I will update that piece of info. In the mean time, I noticed that the newest release of Natur EnemyCastBar now tracks the Frisbee! Though I'm not sure it will track it individually. I'll have to look into that some. Thanks!

The Egotistical Priest said...


No, unfortunately, it doesn't tell you who the frisbee belongs to.

Which explains why I never get it back after...

My solution has been an unhappy one - if there's only one frisbee up, I assume it's not mine and recast.

Doesn't hurt to give the tank that extra oomph of threat, though. =]

Urthona said...

/highfives Fio

NaturalChaos said...

What a great spell. I'll have to remember that if/when I ever get to level 68. :)