Bear Tank Smash!

I know, silly, random, but I just felt like squeeing:

Thursday night Sashara got to tank UnderBog.

Very successfully I might add.

No one died until the very very end, at all three Druids and the Shammy died after boss death. Shammy self rez, life is good. XD

It was cool, fun, and nice to be in charge for once ^.^

And I even held aggro against Fiordhraoi. ZOMG. The DCoE brought her Shammy to heal, and then there was two other guildies who were Sasha's level. It rocked.

I don't know if it's a rare thing, but after being run through so many instances repeatedly with Cay, I'm thinking making the transition from healing to tanking isn't going to be as hard as others make it out to be.

For example:

A couple of months ago we had a good prot warrior tank burn out for a bit in guild. He went off to another server to play with some IRL friends, and he leveled a pally there. He became healbot in later levels, and actually enjoyed it. Which was cool, I heart my little healing butt as well. When he decided to come back to AC and play his warrior again... he lost his touch. He was so used to being in the back, waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen.
Another tank of ours mentioned to me, this is why most tanks have DPS alts, so that they don't lose that edge. But I don't know. I don't think being a healer makes you reactive by nature.
There is some forethought and planning you do as a healer, and while some of the stuff you do is "OH SH!T SPIKE DMG!" healing, most of it is preventative of major mana spending in the future.

Plus, I think having healed has helped me in my tanking strategies. Knowing where I'm going to get more/less damage from mobs is a bonus. Though I have to get used to not just staring at my threat meter. Freaking Boomkin...

And here ends today's random brain diarrhea.

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The Egotistical Priest said...

Oooh, congratulations, that's awesome!