Healing Attumen : Kara's First Hook

So, AC just started raiding Karazhan in the beginning of June. I'm main healer being the only raiding Holy Priest in the guild, and my back up healer is Hathorn, an awesome guy who respec'd from Boomkin to Resto to help me out in the healz dept. I heart teh Hathorn ^.^

Anywho, this is about healing. Right! Well, Attumen, believe it or not, wasn't as hard as we thought. He was actually quite spankable. WoW Wiki gives an awesome guide to most of the bosses, but here's the skinny on what it's like to heal during Attumen. (Oh, and our MT has a raiding hunter on another server, so he knows all about Kara. Bonus!)

The Strat: Midnight is sitting all by her lonesome in her stall. The OT ruins her exciting day by thwacking her. Fun! Before the OT gets that battle gleam in his/her eye, Prayer of Mending is on their ass.
Once they engage, I give them a few seconds, then Renew. At this point, your MT and other healer are waiting until Midnight is down to 95%. Then she lets out her whinny of "ASSHAT SAVE ME!" and Attumen comes to the show. MT picks him up right quick and other healers job is to watch him.
All DPS is focused on Midnight for this. All my attention is on the OT. I am keeping a constant Renew up(15 secs, so that's 2 opportunities for mana/5 to kick in), tossing a Prayer of Mending when I need a second to get my GHeal off, but unlike some healers out there, I don't down rank my healz. I only have so much button space, and so far, I haven't gone Out Of Mana. GHeal gives you an excellent chunk of healage, (with +1670 healing raid buffed, mine hits for about 4500/7200 crit) so abuse that 5 sec rule like a 20 cent hookah.
If the OT is doing his job right (and you've faded a few times after that bitchin' GHeal, right? *glare*) no aggro for you, and you should call out the Shadow Fiend before Midnight hits the 55% health mark. Don't worry, you won't need to watch for that: the RL, OT, DPS will let everyone know.
At 25%, Attumen mounts Midnight (*refrains from dirty .... nm*) and, this is important: AGGRO IS WIPED.

Don't breathe.

I mean it.

Now the real fun begins. I switch to healing MT now, since OT has done his/her job (Well done!) and Attumen really starts dishing some pain. Also, he'll randomly charge the squishies now, so it's like Russian Roulette on who gets hit next. We try keeping the highest armored range in front (BRK got it in the teeth last time XD) but I still toss up a Shield on myself... just to be safe.
Both healers are concentrating on MT now, so barring mana probs (molest 5 sec rule! I command it!) the rest of the fight is a non issue. Celebrate! If you're a squishi like me, you'll be looking for the Phat lootz of Gloves of Saintly Blessing. Our first time on Attumen, those dropped. I was both pleased and frustrated. I had just enchanted my Hallowed Handwraps with the healing enchant -.- *grumble* Wasted mats *grumble* But in the end not wasted. ^.^

Next post, Moroes! The Steward Who Throws a Bitchin' Party!

Edit: Fio pointed out an error. It wasn't 55% of Midnight's health that Moroes... umm Midnight... the two become one? *snerk* Ok, 12 yr old mode off. They become one mob at 25%. Corrected!


BRK said...

Knowing next to nothing about healz, perhaps you could do a macro to downgrade your healing spells?

/cast [nomodifier] Greater Heal
/cast [modifier:alt] Greater Heal (Rank 4)

If you just mash the button, it'll cast the highest rank of Greater Heal you have. If you hold the Alt key when you mash it, it'll only cast the Rank 4 version.

Don't laugh if this is laughable, though; we have a delicate constitution and a frail disposition.

Kirk Spencer said...

I agree with our hostess - I don't like to downgrade either.

The argument is that you're saving mana in two ways by downgrading. First, you're only healing as much as needed. Second, your heals per mana (hpm) are more efficient at lower ranks.

Eliminating the latter first, the savings that (maybe) used to exist are gone thanks to Blizzard's nerf that makes the effectiveness of a heal more than one level lower than you're capable of worse. I used the word "maybe", because when I last ran the numbers I found that the savings came out to less than 100 mana for a heal that's still going to matter -- and while hpm is important, so are heals per second (hps).

As to the first, it's a matter of timing. My GH is around 4K barring crits. I've not met a tank at level 70 for whom a GH at 50% was overhealing -- usually a PoM and/or Renew was needed to top it off. And as for the other classes, if I'm the party healer I tell them up front that the Tank gets priority. I tend to toss some renews around (and of course PoM bounces), but they don't see GHs unless they're down toward the 25% mark -- again, GH rarely tops them off.

I use macros. I just don't use them for downgrades. (My prime macro that's on every heal translates to: If I'm targetting a foe, target the foe's target; if I'm not targetting anyone, target my focus; otherwise just cast the darn thing.)

Nyctemirel said...

I have a 70 hunter, and now I am leveling a priest (at 70 he will be a healer). It´s very nice read about heal at Kharazan. Good job!

Kyra said...

Stephi, you rock hun!! Your Healing Kara guide is only brilliant! I've just leveled a priest after living as a lock of pew pew for about a year, and getting my head around restoring HP is.....odd.

Informative healing advice, and made me laugh something fierce! So thanks hun....even if you're ally ;)


Mwah ha ha!