AC downs Maiden

Aetherial Circle Downs Maiden

It's my second video. Be kind!


The Diet Coke of Evil said...

w00t i was there and i put teh vi d in my favs. /RAWR

Yaja said...

Wow, 2nd times a charm! :) LOS sucks, especially when you can cast through land, but not through pillars... phhht.

Lots of little 'green heals' popping up on ya, guessing that was shadowpriest + druid dots from what I could tell, hard to see on those vids, even at fullscreen! Trying to figure out your tactics for healing and stuff, most of it I could make out.

Surprised the mage died, guessing that maiden throws out random 'spells' at all of you from time to time and hit you from 2-3k dmg, noticed you got stunned a few times, that's brutal, but didn't stun the tank at all???

I'm not Kara ready yet, but planning on getting my key within the next month. Fun fun fun! That's what I liked about UBRS, the 10man group aspect, where you can have 2-3 healers backing each other up. I love having a druid in the group, Innervate FTW!!! And having a shadow priest in there as well means I need to heal everyone else less. Go go, DCoE! :)

Yaja from Alexstrazsa.

Stephi said...

Yea, I was in the the same group as the DCoE ^.^ And the other main healer is a druid, with Fio as off heals.

Heh, you know, I think you gave me an idea for my next post ^.^ I'll give ya the skinny on what my tactics for healing the first three bosses in Kara.

As for the mage, unfortunately, both times he got nailed I was mid GH on the tank -.-

Very le suck!

Ratshag said...

Good show.