Blackheart the Inciter: I hate you.

So I was pondering what to put in here next, and due to the Shadow Labs run last night, I figured I'd throw up my .02 on this big buttheaded brute (not the words I initially used to describe him... they were a bit more... colorful o.O)

When I first encountered Blackbutt, it was when Fio and I were baby 70s. No Primal Mooncloth set yet, so my +healing/ mana/5 was a bit lacking. But I was excited to get my first Karazhan key frag and excitement (and caffeine) can do wonders ^.^

The first few pulls and first boss in Shadow Labrynth, very easy, IMO. Being a Fear Ward priest, the big Doomwarden's were not as hard as they are when you don't have Fear ward. Ambassador Hellmaw is also much easier with a Fear Ward on the tank, but not impossible.

So Hellmaw is a broken piece of demon goo on the ground, now its time for the next room. "This place sucks. I hate this next part." This from my Fio. He had been in SL before me, had made it to the last boss, Murmur, before the healing in his party really messed things up. (It was a shadow priest who decided to DPS instead... which got the tank killed. Messy, messy messy.)

This room, had 4 and 5 pulls. Oh my. Our group consisted of 1 CC. Sheep. That was it. After a few laughable tries at the pulls with just the sap, we decided a different tactic. This is where the NEKKID PRIEST was born. We discovered that if I stripped down to my skivves, got away from the party and Mind Controlled a mob, let them kill it, then they all come angrily at me and smush me, we could mill the insanity pulls down to threes. (DISCLAIMER: I don't recommend the above tactic unless you're 1) bored, 2) desperate like we were 3) or have about an hour or two to waste on top of the time the instance takes). The good news is I have perfected the death run back into SL.... -.-

So, an hour or so later... we're clear for Buttface. If you're not familiar with what he does, it's a few things: He does an AoE knockback that hits for about 1.5K on a clothie, and hits hard. The other retardedly annoying thing he does is Incite Chaos. This is a 12 second Mind Control where everyone in the party takes the lessons they learned in the Murkblood School of Fighting and starts beating on each other. Blackhead just sits there and laughs, not attacking, so that's a bonus... sort of. Suffice to say, we wiped three times on him, and only achieved victory via pure luck. During our attempts, Ventrillo was not a safe place to be. My father was in the Navy. I know how sailor's cuss.

That was the first time I encountered AssHat the Retard. I still don't like the fight, but I have some tips that will hopefully conserve some mana for you. Running out of mana was my biggest issue there, especially during the MC, but there is some mitigation.

First, realize that they've nerfed most of the ways to stay out of the fight. If you have a hunter in your party, don't depend on their frost trap to keep you out of the fight. There's either a bug or something equally annoying that makes the hunter or his pet just start attacking you.

Also, trying to spam a dreamless sleep pot the millisecond before the MC goes off is pretty much luck, and you'll more than likely be knocked out of it immediately ( I think the feral druids are bugged, I kept getting hit by ours from across the room.)

What you must do is make sure you're far enough away from the tank to not get hit by the knockback. After each MC, DON'T HEAL ANYONE.

Let me repeat: DO NOT HEAL ANYONE.

The MC is an aggro wipe. Make sure everyone knows to not even bandage unless they are the tank. Any healing done and you're Buttface's first target. He likes to blow all the cooldowns in the MC, so your fade is going to be at 20 seconds or so, and then you're smushed, have 15 seconds of free heals, and then you're on the floor conversing with the dust bunnies.

Once the tank has aggro back, give him a little bit more time. Blackhead doesn't hit tanks that hard, and at this point, you'll probably be scrambling to keep everyone else up.

Also, if you haven't already, get rid of Holy Nova. Its a mana sink in MC fights. It really is. I just recently respec'd to get rid of Light Well and Holy Nova, and while it was annoying that I was MC'd into casting Mass Dispel instead, it's not instant cast, so there's a chance someone in your party will interrupt you.

Other than that, just pray he doesn't kill someone. Also, as a last bit of advice: yes, sometimes some one can run back in time to help with the fight if it's still going on, but I don't recommend it. We did that once, and Blackbutt aggro'd on the person who walked back into the instance after his MC... and he reset. We still killed him, but we had to do it twice practically.

So, that is the grr-ness of Blackbutt the Bitchwalla.


Yaja said...

For some reason I didn't have that big of an issue with him the first time, but the 2nd and 3rd times were a PAIN!!! So now I have a healthy respect (stick up his a$$) for him.

Yes, burn all your cooldowns in the first half... Shadowfiend, fade, etc... I wonder if you take holy nova/mass dispell off your toolbars, will you still cast it while MC'd?? I haven't had a lot of experience with that...

Yes, the biggest thing I learned about this fight is that regardless how much you want to, DONT heal right after you leave MC! :) At least not everyone, I tend to throw renew/POM on the tank once he connects with lardbutt, and that usually doesn't out aggro him until I can get a greater healing on him and an AOE heal for everyone else. Another thing that helps is to stay FAR FAR away from everyone else, and don't be the closest person to the hunter if you got one... ouch... :)

Another guy that MC's is the guy at the end of Mechanaar (think that's the one) wow, took 3 tries on him my first time too... He's worse I think because he only MC's one person at a time, and throws waves of little ghosts at you.... first time nobody picked up the adds so I was dead pretty fast... 2nd time I got MC'd 3 times.... yes, 3!!!! I ended up healing HIM!!!! The tank didn't need so much healing, so renew/POM were my friends. After we figured out who'd pick up the adds, and that we should wingclip/stun/kite the MC'd person we were golden! :) PS: Don't sheep/freeze trap because they take too long and usually MC ends before you get out, and the tank dies if you don't have backup healing.

Yaja from Alexstrazsa

Stephi said...

Even if you don't have the spell on your bar, he will cast it. I tried it once, and also the later times Holy Nova was part of a macro key. So yea, totally eliminated that spell. My mana is happy.

As for the last guy in Mech, he's MC'd me once or twice, but never for long. If you find yourself getting nailed by the mana ghosts, Psychic Scream them. They're susceptible to fear affects. Bonus! In fact, the Heroic Mech I did once, we didn't kill them, just chain feared them ('lock, Shadow Priest, warrior, Mine which was the HOLY SHIT last resort.)

Jona said...

Ahhhhh yeah Ol' Blackheart the Lovable :)

My absolute most favorite boss in all of WoW!!!

Just clearing the room up to him gives me tingles of anticipation, lol!!!

I have done SL so many times I have lost count. I can actually run through the whole place in my head, every single damn pull. Why?

Because Murmur, that stingy bastard, has not dropped my Bold Shoulders, gah!!! (I'm a Tank) So, I run SL just about every time I log on in hopes of one day seeing them. And since I run some Heroics and into Kara a little now and then, wouldn't it be sad to have a say, Sun Eater, and still be wearing shoulders from Durnholde?

The Horror!

So maybe, maybe, my hate/hate relationship with Murmur, knowing that when I get to the end of a 2 hour instance, I will once again be let down, has caused me to come to love Blackheart. Or maybe it's all the backhands to the head I have taken while Tanking. I'm not really sure which at this point.

Anyway, the reason I love Blackheart?

Because I get to beat on squishies :) and hear them wail in agony! Take out all my Murmur frustrations on them!!! (No I don't PvP, lol)

I whooop for joy IRL whenever I hear the now immortal words:


I know, I know, I'm a very, very naughty Tank! But, just something very satisfactory about wailing on the hapless lock while Blackheart chortles on in the background!

And oh, I don't know, I may occasionally be guilty of running back to him a little slower than usual after a knock back if a squishie pulls aggro of me.


Heh Heh, yes Mr. Mage, you will indeed, be very sorry!

NOT the healer though :) I have to clarify that.

I so love any and all healers that I will take any beating necessary to protect my little lifeline.

Though the warlocks, the smug little gnome mages and the occasional over-hyper NE hunter?

Welllllll, let's just say I've killed one or two in my time during the MC :)


Dead Squishie: "Dudrz U killd me"

me: *snicker*

me: "Srry man, I must have got a shield crit or somethin"

Rest of the party: "Lol"

Oh yeah the last boss in Mech does do an MC, but nothing like Blackheart. Usually kill the first wave of adds on normal mode, work through any MC's and trap, fear the 2nd wave, by then he's usually dead. On Heroics do it just like Stephi said, fear them as much as possible to keep them out of the way and burn Path down fast.

Kirk Spencer said...

I am still learning SL myself, but have stumbled on one tactic that works if your party will work with you.

Blackbutt (nice name, but I'll be using the saltier version) can be pulled. Pulled right to the first room of the instance, BEFORE his first MC.

The run, on rezzing from the graveyard, is bad enough. The extra minute or so getting from the entrance to his platform, however, goes away. That's one advantage.

Second advantage. Clothies can stand next to the doorway, and on the first syllable of "Let's have some fun", have a fair chance of getting OUT the door before the MC goes off. Which means the instance the demolition derby ends, you've got your mana-users still holding lots of mana able to enter the instance.

Third advantage. It's not lightwell, but if damage on everyone is getting a little intense, a quick duck outside allows out-of-combat actions like eating and drinking.

CAVEAT to ducking outside - if the partymembers inside die, the battle resets as though your whole party wiped.

The real trick is having a party-member who knows how to kite. Given that, Blacka.. er, butt, is easy meat.

Ratshag said...

Heh. Did my first SL run last week. My guild's top priest was in a pug & they needed a tank, so she gave me a tell and I says sure.

We're doin' pretty good at first. Others in the group were a mage, a rogue, and a 'lock, so lots of cc. No need for the priest to get all nekkid. Not that that wouldn't have been fun (if you read this Zin be sure to file it away for future reference!) but I'd've rather done me best to tank'em all. Got my professional pride, ya know? Repair bills be dammed.

Anyhow we get to Blackheart things go all to hell. The 'lock and the mage just couldn't get the idea that the threat table resets after every Time For Fun romp. Soon as they'd got control of their fingers again they'd start in with the wigglin' and the fireballs and the soul-suckin'. So of course Mr. Twoheads starts chasing one or both of them, at which point they would run. Away from Blackheart, which meant away from me, the guy what's job it is to do the protecting. So there I am, out of range, my rage depleted by the "Fun", and no aggro, chasing after the two of 'em like a sorry-ass fool who missed the boat.

We wiped, and we wiped, and we wiped. And the rogue, who's leading this motley bunch, is getting more and more exasperated. At one point he put a big orange circle on me head and says "You get aggro, run to the circle!" Didn't help.

We eventually beat him, and went on to take out Mr I've Got Voidwalkers! and Mr I Am A Towering Freak Of Nature! but by the unholy gods it was painful. So, gotta say I hate the Inciter too. Just ain't my favorite ogre.

Enjoying your blog so far. Looking forward to what else you got to say.

Kirk Spencer said...

"If you read this, Zin..."

as in Zingiber? on Undermine?

heh. Why do I need to get naked when y'all pull and fight so well?

Ratshag said...

Naw, different Zin. Mine's got tusks and bigger feet.

Kirk Spencer said...

*snerk* ok