...and a Happy New Year

Damn it Destroy. He's got that damn Portal song stuck in my head.

So, hope everyone who had one had a very Awesometastic Christmas. I know Fio and I had a totally tubular one ^.^

Not only did we drive like crazies to Ohio and back, and we broke down and bought a 360 for some Mass Effect/Assassin's Creed, but, we got to see the Demonic Ponytail pre-taming. ^.^

All in all a very fun weekend. And what's even better? I got to post up the raid schedule for the next week. Hurray back to SSC! And our Raid Leader of Awesome also figured we'd head back over to TK and take another stab at VR. Which I am teh excited about ^.^

I'm just glad to be raiding again. Don't get me wrong, the break was nice, it let's me fart around in the game (and there fore keep my interest) but the constant raiding we were doing was wearing on me. That and it was refreshing to be away for a few days. Though, as you probably heard, total asshatery did commence and some jerk face hacked into one of my friends accounts. Freakin' turd. I swear... well, I did swear, a lot that night. Felt bad about calling Immy at 11:30 at night to say "ZOMG YOU'RE BEING HACKED DUDE CALL BLIZZ!" but at least we got it handled. Though I would have no problems putting that dickface's balls (or tits) into a meat grinder for pulling shit like this 2 days before Christmas. I hope Santa brought him a chainsaw anemia. /growl

Anywho, back to something a tad more pleasant, my guild of Awesome has put the feelers out there for some like minded friends to come raid with us. We did the O board forums post and TJ, Kitty, and Doom were all nice enough to post threads in their blog. I like the page Kitty did the most with Fio's little addendum on the bottom, so I'm going to link to it here. So far we've had some awesome people come and apply and we even got a healy priesty to come play. He's pretty kick butt, nice guy and has a funny sense of humor. Bonus ^.^ Now we just need a shadow priest to come and app *puppy dog eyes* so Kitty won't steal my DCoE away. He's a greedy wench sometimes.

The meeting with new raiders and getting back together with the gang is something I'm really lookin' forward to. Excitement + Fun = the raiding I wanna do ^.^

OK, this whole post seems to meander all over the place. The next thing I wanted to mention was my Shadow Priest pet, Rakzha. I decided to stay in Azeroth long enough to get mining to 295 and then I booked it back to Outlands. I have... SO much fun with Outlands quests. They are just too awesome. And I did a bit of a marathon of Ramps/Blood Furnace for her and now she has pretty much everything a caster would want out of there sans the belt from BF. Oh, and the pants? You know, the EVIL PANTS. Totally didn't get them. I don't care that they're uber awesome in stats, blah blah blah. Nope. Not going to happen. I got the plate and sold them. /dusts off hands

I need to look at her spec again though. I think I went a little crazy with the shadow tree. But I'm putting it off for now. I'll definitely revisit it once she hits 70 though that's for sure. And now, I'm off. After finishing the Opera post and this, I think this is me trying to catch up XD
There should be a Gruul's post coming shortly, that's for sure. (Yea, shortly, like the Opera one, that took 2 months T.T)

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