Update (and a Mini Rant)

Ok, so I've been a bad blogger. I've fallen down on my duties in bringing fun to read How Tos to the bored WoW masses.


But, I hope to remedy this.

I still have (counts on fingers) 3 more How To Heal Karazhan's coming, with a fourth not ready to be made yet since AC has yet to go for Netherspite. Do you guys find them interesting? (Insecure about her writing? NEVA! -.-)

I also have updates that are forth coming about my baby priesty and how her leveling is going (btw, her current outfit... that's a toe... isn't it?!)

Among other things, I've guild stuff has been going loco. We're excited and thrilled that we've been able to field 2 groups. But one is far out pacing the other. And we're rethinking the way we do things. And I think morale is getting sunk. So, I have a question for all you guild people out there: Have you ever done something fun, silly, crazy, or just plain weird as a guild to get every one feeling good?

Some one mentioned to me once (Or I could have read this somewhere, it's very possible) that they were their guild's Morale
Officer. Very nifty. I think I'm kinda like that. But! What did you do to raise the morale! Send everyone a Mechanical Squirrel and demanded Nutz of Doom at Dawn?! Raiding Horde places doesn't sound as fun (or creative) as something bizzaro would. The 40 man gnome zurg on Hogger is old... bah. I'll think of something, but what have you done, or seen done, or heard done, for general mischief and mayhem?

Also, I must admit, I got sick, and tired, and just plain worn out with the priest forums on the O boards when I was perusing them for some +healing stat advice... WTH PEOPLE! ... Er, wait...


I am sick and tired of all the LOLERSkates who troll the Priest forums saying, "You guys suck for X, Y, Z and Theta reason, QQ and reroll Pally if you want to be a healer." Is it because the Pally boards are nothing but "Prot This" and "Ret That"? They couldn't bemoan something about healing on their forums so they decided to bring over their "We're the bestest healers in the game, you squishi noobs suck, blah blah blarg."

I don't normally let trolls get to me. But sometimes, its not the trolls. Reasonably intelligent people are even saying, "You want to be main healer? Reroll Pally."

You know what, I didn't roll a paladin. When I made a healer, I wanted to be as obvious as I possibly could. I rolled a priest. And guess what? I'm MAIN F-ING healing. I recognize that Paladins are superior single target healers. They have the talents, the gear and whatnot to get as much healing bang for their mana buck. Thats awesome. Druid Treehuggers have just as many nifty talents for their HoTs of Eluney Awesomeness. I think the only class that got a widdle bit of a healing shaft is Shamans (Practically no threat mitgation ftl - I know they have a totem, but still, not as cool as Fade), but they've got Chain Healing (which rocks my socks off cause it makes thunder noises /shiver). Each healing class has some uber strengths and weaknesses.
I do think priests, as you know, the OBVIOUS healing class, could use some better holy healing talents, but whatever. Improvise, Overcome, Adapt as my pappy always says.

And you know what, as cool as those other healing classes may be, I still love my priest. I made a squishy and she can patch you back together TOT sweet and be smart enough NOT to pull aggro doing it!

So, before I tell the entire paladin class to STFU and FoaD, I rolled one. I won't knock something until I try it, but be warned! I'm extremely prejudiced! /grumble

Oh, and the pally is a Hordie, so this ought to be interesting.

/end soapbox

So yea, that's what I've been up too. Its lots of things. Oh and for some random geekiness... I'm running a D&D session for the jr high kids at my place of work (library). /squee

Tune in later for How to Heal Karazhan: Opera - The Most Fun You'll Ever Have


Vorian said...

Yes that does appear to be a camel toe. Or, if you prefer a moose knuckle.

BigBearButt said...

Nice post! Fun fun fun

The officers posted a full guild AQ40 raid for a couple nights next week... thats supposed to cheer us up I think....

I don't know who's denying you the loving, but in our Guild all I hear night after night is we need a priest, how come group 1 has two priests and we only got 1, we need another priest, come on guys, no, we dont want your pally, we gots a pally, we needs us a priest!

Oh, and have fun running some D&D... I run a PBeM fantasy novel on the side, so I can appreciate the draw fo some actual role lpaying... and not the RP server kind. Have yourself lots of fun.

Sonvar said...

Hmmm...Intrigued by your idea of sending mechanical squirrels. I must find this pattern and send this to all.

I understand your guild woes. The guild I'm in is still developing, haven't even hit Karazshan or close to it yet, and we've already taken some bad blows already. We continue and I hope we can maintain those with us and expand. I just try to stay as positive as much as possible.

That's cool you run a D&D session. I've only found one RPG that really worked for me besides D&D amd that is the White Wolf game "Exalted 2nd Edition." Definitely worth at least checking out if you get the chance.

Stephi said...

@ Vorian - Moose Knuckle? That's a new one. XD

@Bigbearbutt - No one's denying me lurvs, I'm just rarging that Kara pretty much requires either a Priest for shackle or two hunters for traps on a lot of the trash pulls. Mages must feel outdated, no SHEEP! XD

And I'm excited about the D&D session.. because, well, I get to corrupt the young and impressionable! MUWHAHAHAA... er, wait... Oo

@ Sonvar - I <3 that engineering design, so Fing much.
My Giddglet had it at like lvl 12, made a squirrel... it was a lvl 15 squirrel! Why couldn't it fight for me! Squirrelz, for Justice!... srsly... why won't it fight? T.T

And as for having some growing pains, it does suck but is very cool at the same time. We went through a huge growth spurt and we're still trying to recover, but I think we'll pull through. We're tackling Netherspite this Sunday, so if we can nail his ass by Monday, happiness for all.

And ZOMG! I <3 Lunars! (Is a werewolf at heart) But we don't have enough people around to play it. And I love my husband, but 2 person RP, while fun, I needs moar people! (is a total RP slut... halp mez...)

Ok, I'm entirely too hyper for 9am. oO

Dick said...

Sorry I didnt mean to push you into a post, I just can only hit the refresh button on BRK and TJ's blogs so much before I get really bored at work.

Sometimes for morale boosting fun in my guild we will schedule a drunken ZG night. Most people show up hammered and we go through and just pull whatever we can and just plow through it. It ends up being so much fun to hear drunken people saying, theres too many, stop pulling....damnit im dead. with the laughter of the damn pallys bubbleing and pulling every mob in site.

oh and good luck on leveling that pally. It was one of the single most painful things I have ever tried to do. Takes foreva

Dick said...

Oh and your a librarian? Thats HAWT! I just hope your not like the one in Tomcats /shiver

Brad said...

Are you a librarian? I always wondered if I was the only WOW playing librarian. I am a school librarian in a 9th grade building. I do get cool nerd rep when I overhear a wow conversation and can drop that I have two 70s. (turns out most 14 year olds have 3-6 lowbies, ah short attention spans).

Thanks for the healing stats. As a dps'er, it is fun to find out what you guys are doing when I am firing off thousands of firebolts or arrows.

Necro said...

“Moose knuckle”…..never heard it but I like it.

“(is a total RP slut... halp mez...)”…OMG that’s hot. Please turn my wife into one.

“Mages must feel outdated, no SHEEP! XD”…well every group needs one and only one mage. You think people are good enough to bring their own food and water….I don’t think so. But as a mage, TBC tore us a new one, my old guild runs everything with 1 mage for water. The good news is TK has sheepy goodness but a lot of people aren’t there and since they only ran with 1 mage for everything else they only have 1 geared one.

Tiv said...

Speaking as a priest who runs a prot paladin as well, you have my full encouragement to give holy paladins hell. They're powergaming traitors (this is hyperbole before anyone gets too excited, although I'll admit it approaches my true feelings), the WoW paladin has become a sham of a class that bears no resemblance to the paladin as it exists in any other game or media.

ANYways, for morale boosting things...my guild recently had a night of fun. They held a bunch of events. There were door prizes, a team scavenger hunt that ranged all over Azeroth and Outland, a dueling competition, an STV arena free for all, and a naked race from Stonetalon to Nijel's Point. After that we chilled in the Stonetalon moontub, drinking Darkmoon Reserve (what? it's a moonWELL? oops). Definitely was a morale boost for me, although I think it took a considerable amount of planning to pull off.

Zerei said...

When I rolled my paladin, I fully did not expect to become a main healer. I intended to heal, but was expecting more of a spot healing role. Keeping the dps alive, that kinda thing. I'm not sure when it happened, probably with the advent of real paladin healing gear (min-maxed for healing and all that...I think that's what prompted the illumination nerf...)

As for guild fun, try musical chairs in the Karazan dinner hall (where Moroes normally is). I sawed it on teh youtubez!

Vorian said...

A camel toe and a moose knuckle i believe is pretty much the same thing. they have the same basic shape, but as in nature the Moose's knuckle is slightly larger, fatter, and meatier than the Camel's toe and potentially furrier as well. =) :P :D

Vorian said...

Added Info:

The Moose Knuckle is most commonly found on a species known as The Northern Michigan Snow Cow. This particular bred of woman is known for thier large size from years of being fed nothing but corn, potatos, and meat. Highly sought after by northern Michigan men for thier abundance of excess body heat that comes in handy on those long fridged northern winter nights that last for 10 out of the 12 months. The Northern Michigan Snow Cow can most commonly be found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and occasionally be found as far south as Houghton Lake.