The Few, the Proud, the Bloggers

So I added some more fun blogs to my "Interesting Places to Go".

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to view a blog I had never seen before and see that I was linked on it ^.^

Priestly Endeavors is an awesome place to read about lots of things priesty. Lots of Shadow Priest stuff there too. I'll be definitely going over some of that stuff while I level Cai/Rakzha.

A View From Behind is Doom's blog and WOOT! Someone I can geek out with on the Awesomeness that is the Mutilate/Combat spec. /dance

Then there's The Positive Warrior , Brig's blog and always a fun read. I like to know what my meatshield is thinking... never tick off your meatshield, for you are squishi and feint at the thought of pokies coming your way.

And finally, there's TJ, who is just fun to read, as she likes to poke the Kitty. ^.^

That's it for today. This silly New England weather has deemed I need a summer cold, so now the screen's getting all fuzzy. T.T

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