Catching Up

More like there was this virus right... and I couldn't eat anything without getting violently ill.

So suffice to say, playing WoW or writing on it was cut short. It was teh suck.

However! I have some fun news: on Monday, AC took out Prince! For Youtube video goodness, I direct you to this link here. For those of you with the IT Nazi regime at work, you can DL the video here (though the DL is much clearer ^.^).

It was much fun, but my guts didn't like my excited celebration as Prince kissed dirt, so Monday was cut pretty short for me.

We got Aran the night before again, so that was a good boost, and though we lost some guildies because of schedules, we've got out DCoE back and 2 groups ready to go this week! ^.^

We also tried Nightbane for the first time on Sunday... we're thinking we'll need 3 healers for it. ZOMG he hits so hard! And our poor mage just couldn't survive the aerial attack at 75%.

So! With all that out of the way, time for this week's post! I've been wanting to spew about the Aran fight, the Prince fight and Heroic Shattered Halls ^.^


Mera said...

3 healers are fun xD

I will make several recommmendations for rain of bones however.

BRK with Misdirection onto a tank, and then explosive trap + volley + multishot will help a bit.

Secondly, get a feral or tank to burn the AoE taunt. That will help.

Finally, spam heal that big fat moonkin ya got. His hurricane + barskin wil do a fair bit of damage (3-4k per mob?) & his 500% armour will help lots.

Jona said...

Grats! Awesome vid, great music as usual :)

Melnayo said...

Man, you guys are progressing faster than my own guild did. We took a while to learn each boss and then to perfect our technique. We started out ahead of you, but i expect you're going to catch up soon!

This week we impressed ourselves by clearing Karazhan in two days. Wednesday, we one-shotted Netherspite, Prince, Illhoof, and Attumen (okay, no big surprise there), and two-shotted Nighbane for the guild's third kill (right after the other group who got to him shortly before we did).

Rain of bones seems to target one person, but it's apparently hard to figure out who that is, so i like to just spread out a bit. As a tank, of course, i have to run around trying to grab skeletons, but i spread out as much as i can until the rain is over.

We decided yesterday to poke our heads into SSC. We got pretty good at the trash, but couldn't find the boss we were looking for and eventually threw ourselves at Tidewalker to get pwnd at 95%. :)