Introductions must be made

Well, I blame BRK for putting this in my head, but what the hell: his enthusiasm to show how much hunters pwn has inspired me.

My name's Stephi, and I play a Dwarf Priest on World of Warcraft's Drenden server. It's a PvE server where I spend most of my fun time playing with my guild, Aetherial Circle. My husband, Jason, aka Fiordhraoi (story on the name later) is the GM, and we have a merry time playing this game as well as other types: RPGs, Larp, video games, etc.

We're huge geeks. Huge. We met at a LARP, he proposed to me at the same game 3 years later.... HUGE. FREAKIN'. GEEKS. Our minions will be as well.

Anywho, as for this blog, I wanted some place to put my thoughts about being a healer. There's plenty of rebels out there who enjoy in the new DPS face of priesthood, and while I don't judge them harshly, I make love, not pain. It's the kind of priest I am. I'd rather heal your face back on than melt it off. ^.^

There's more I would like to say about this whole hubbawho, but I just realized... it's 2 am... I should probably get some sleep.

Bah, sleep. To a WoW'r? Doesn't exist!

Oh yes, it does. Gotta pay the bills somehow. ;)


BRK said...

Welcome to the party! Now make content or make tracks. :)

Malficent said...

Bah...I just started a Blog also and I will make you a deal...you leave comments I will leave comments :).

blog site is http://www.half-pintofdarkness.blogspot.com/

I am going to add you now...BRK has to earn his adding.

Keystone said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, not to be confused with the stratosphere in Vegas; however, they both contain a strange order...